Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Coming up to the end of year 2010

1st of all, Merry belated Xmas everyone~
It has been sometimes since my last update
I was like "Hey lazy bitch, when are you gonna update your blog!"
Its all bout my old pictures again
Forgive me, I have been working really crazy recently
Not much time for my own to work on this blog

It was in HKG, dim sum time
It was fun but not as delicious as I thought
Anyway, friends are what matter the most
I could not be happier without Elroy & Evon lol
Erhm.. I prefer to talk bout my inner feeling here
I guess pictures are just something to pull a little attention
You know there are people who view only my pictures but not the content lol
Its about Sweet, a friend of mine
A pretty stewardess who passed away in a disaster car accident
I posted it in my previous post
However, there was none of viewer left any condolence
I feel sad, how could you guys totally ignore her death
Its unfair.. Sweet, I am sorry I failed to gather more condolences
I believe you must be doing really good on the other side
I do think of you..
No longer after her death, there was another bad news
Evon's uncle passed away too after few days
She was so strong
Carried out the funeral with helps from neighbours & relatives
I salute you darling, you are truly a tiger girl :)
& nevertheless, my condolences to your uncle too :(
Sad case another one!
A friend of mine, Chris, who used to my high school mate
Her newly born baby boy passed away too after 1 week of breathing
What a world.. I did not speak to her for quite sometimes
It must be weird for me to pay a visit or even say a word over the phone
Girl, please be strong..
Tough time will not last forever, only Tough people will
You too, have all my blessing for a better coming year of 2011
And so.. I met up with Evon & Elroy the other day
Were talking bout all these unfortunate case lately
They came out with this "Money is not everything"
It is absolutely true that when someone is dead
Money will not be able to bring forward
Maybe I am a shallow minded ass hole
When I heard about all these death, 1st thing came to my mind
I need to invest more in life insurance!! HAHAHA!!
I am so scared that if one day I'm gone
I might leave nothing to my dearest family
To ensure someone will take care of my family
I did ask Evon & Elroy "Will you donate more Platinum Money?"
I even hope they will take care of my family members too :P
Oh dear Evon & Elroy
You have no idea how sweet I smile when I was editing these pics
Yeah, old pictures during our HKG trip
The sweetness of it? Never end :)
Its really coming towards the end of the year 2010
What have you achieved this year?
Did you finally fulfill your short term goal in this year?
Oh ask me, YES please~~~
I did & I have proudly achieved 150% of my goal this year
You see, it is that simple
A goal is gone, another goal shall be on your way of planning
An accumulative of successful feeling hits the peak of it
It will come to the start of climbing another hill eventually
I guess I am just about to climb another hill
A hill of year 2o11, pretty much the same goal like this year
There is a will, there would be a way :)
Let's refresh my own memory
Begin with January
The probation periodic relationship with Coo Coo came to an end
Was a little struggle & I realized I love myself more than anyone else

February - NIL
March - Visited Elroy in Birmingham, it was fun!
April - NIL
May - 1st time to Osaka, Japan! Best!
June - Elroy came back to Malaysia, welcome home buddy!

July - NIL
August - Bored..
September - Oh gosh.. Give me a break
October - An official mandarin crew, yeah I am!
November - Met a silly cherry clover lol.. you know who you are!
December - Can't wait to finish this month!

Aaaah.. I find myself crapping alot already
My mind is kinda stuck for now
Before I am gonna end this post
I would like to thank some important peoples!

Family 1st, always 1st
Thank you Papa, Mama, Mei Mei
& I actually have a Gor Gor too :P
Thank you for taking good care of me
Every time I come back from tiring flight
Step a foot into my room
The aircond is already switched on
Good foods are already served on the table
It means so much to me, in fact mean alot alot alot..
Love you all, I will be a good boy I promise!

Friends forever! Evon & Elroy
Sorry Elroy, Evon is more senior so I have to mention her name 1st
BOK~ Crack~ Laser~~
Remember that Xmas nite?
Before we cleaned up my messy room
I looked at both of you, stare into yours' eyes
I said "I am really happy to have both of you as my friends"
Dear, we have gained another experience year in this friendship
Just like how pokemon fights & gain experience (LOL, lame!)
No words to describe, only the true feeling shows
Love you both~ Muackz!!

Wait a minute!
My favourite picture of the post!
I smile like a candy, a caramel sweetie in fact
It was fun chasing the birds but we got scolded by the man who was feeding them
Haha!! Eenaz, you are one sweetheart whom I miss sometimes
Oops, come back to 3rd
May I express my sincere gratitude to someone special here
Who address me as "YOU" in his blog
& I am addressing him as "YOU" here too~
You bring me joy, bring me love, bring me the unexpected hope
Growing up together, building our own future
Though nothing is guaranteed and I know..
If you choose to leave one day (which I think you might)
I will choose to keep whatever sweet memories in my mind
I promise, you will have a space in my heart :)

Cheers for the upcoming beautiful future
May you and me have all the love & blessing
See you next year (sound far but its just around the corner~)
Happy new year in advance everyone :)


Monday, December 6, 2010

It's bout the time

Instead of uploading all the pictures
I chose few to be exposed
We took too many photos during our visit in Hong Kong indeed
I often tell myself
The scene means nothing if the accompany sucks
I truly enjoy my vacations with my 2 besties :)

Over Flash!
definitely local delicacy is a MUST try
The typical Hong Kong breakfast
Erhm.. Not so my type
Don't ask me why
I simply love this pic the most :)
Sometimes you might want to take a back street pic
Wong Tai Sin

What do you usually pray in a temple?
I pray for my family 1st before anything else

Hey popo, ain't you doing the same thing like the previous guy?!!
Alright, its clear now~~

Its really convenient to take MTR in Hong Kong

She deserves this title
My pretty bestie Evon lolx
Whoever watch Hong Kong movie should have seen this kind of staircase
I guess only few people would really take a pic or two here

Night falls, nevetheless Victoria Peak
Had some fun time overlooking the view plus posing nerdy too

May I present to you
My forever bestie bestie
Here I give you Elroy CYK
A 180cm (If I am not mistaken) tall, trendy, creative
Graphic Designer, who soaked in UK seawater before :P
Presenting the future top model, Evon T.
A 172cm (I'm very sure!) tall, unique features, slender hot chick
Freelance model, photographer, stylist, masquerade mask maker
Oops, my turn to go on show~
I am.. 16Xcm lol.. too shy to announce my own height
I don't stand tall but I have a charming smile lolx (perasan!)
Bout my job, need not to mention, find out yourself~

Its been so many years we walked on this life together
I am looking forward.. to walking together until the day allowed to
Next year we are gonna do Australia or Vietnam
It does not matter at all
I'm sure the Elroy & Evon mean everything than a scene to me :)

Lets talk bout what is going on with Ivy!
She is now in SQ, for those who follows my blog should know better
Oh well, according to her, everything seems different
She had a hard time to cope up with the changes
I guess she will be alright, though she cried a few times
We spoke over the phone & chatted in msn sometimes
I am still so proud of her
Girl, you will be just fine, its just the matter of time to settle down
A big kiss for you, Muackz! Wayne & me miss you here all the time :)

They say comet scratching the sky means its time to make a wish
I say a comet falling indicates its time to pray for an angel who has fallen
A friend of my, has passed away unexpectedly.. savage :(
Sweet is her name, and indeed she is really a lovely girl
I like her fun, her craziness, her character, a chatter box
Did anyone read newspaper on 2nd December 2010?
All local newspaper has published this cruel car crash
Otherwise, please click on this link
I met her 10 days before her accident, we did class together
Saw her 3 days ago in airport
& there she's gone.. all of a sudden, a sweet angel has fallen
p/s: not that fallen angel that you might be thinking, you Lucifer!
Sweet is an angel, a gift from God to the earth
Its sad to see a young friend passed away in such a way
Now, I am gonna give my silent prayer & blessing to Sweet
Unpredictable death costs so much crying of her family
Dear, I believe you have caught the twilight & now watching over us in above

Life is short, ain't this the truth? RIP darling.

We should really appreciate everyone around us.

I met a few guys this year

Mr. H who was going out with me but kissed someone else in a pub
He tossed back a question "I bet you can't be an actor then?"
I was confused, he explained further
An actor should be able to kiss around with anyone
My childhood dream is to be an actor!
Is there anything not right?
He said

Mr. A who was crazy for my housemate, after that crazy for me
I ignored him but he was smart enough to seek help from my besties
I told him to give me at least 1 month to think bout it
Only to find the truth that he has a 6 years BF!
Mr. A is a doctor and also.. A heart breaker too

Others are not as ironic as the above
Mainly plain boring or ain't charming at all

Back then, I asked my cool mama
Would you choose someone who is NOT your type but he treats you well
Or someone YOUR TYPE but he might not treat you well
A 45 years old mama has such a saying
Of course the person who is MY TYPE!
What for to be with someone who is not your type?
Well said cool mama but this question still lingers in my mind
& I do hope I would find the answer soon
What would you say? Your type or not your type? :)

It is easy to hate and it is difficult to love
All good things are difficult to be achieved
All bad things are easily in hand
And this is how the whole scheme works