Sunday, January 31, 2010

Colombo~ Sri Lanka

Staying for 2 nites
Never could imagine that I would have such a fun time in Colombo
Sri Lanka an Venerable Island
As well as Vegetarian Island too.. Haha!

MAS crews R being placed in this Galadari Hotel
Far Far away from the Airport
45mins? Long enough to have a short napView from the Hotel Room
I like the building structure!It is actually Sri Lanka Parliament building
I heard it is forbidden to take pic around there
The notti me... AAK!!Burung "Kakak" Tua is everywhere..
Suit this country mayb?
U know.. It is not a good sign for Chinese to see this kind of bird!!Beside the historical building
Here it is the beautiful beach of Colombo
My God.. Am I reali in Sri Lanka or what?
The beach is just.. Fucking breathe taking!

I went to one of the Local Buddhist Temple
OMG.. another surprise!Look at its ancient wall..
Impressive! & there is even one China Great Warrior stone man!

Big Buddha!!
Bless me!!!

Guess tis temple is still under renovation
More to come
Hopefully next time I drop by again
The Buddha will go bigger & alot more!
Elephant is Indian's Signature
& the man standing there
Haha! How weird he looked at me like tat!

Impressive impressive!!!

Erhm.. Big Boobs?
Lion? Erhm.. Singapore?
Ok tis one looked like I am in Hong Kong pulak lolx
Along the way, Colombo seems peaceful though
& It is not as dirty as New Delhi

I requested the driver the drop me along the beach side
Here I am!! I Love Beach & Biaaaatch too!!!
The very end of the beach side
Feel like rolling on the field!

Something weird is on!
Reali weird!!!
Check tis out!!!
This couple R having their French Kiss moment
French Kiss or Indian Kiss??
Actually this one is even more OVER
The guyz has actually put his hand into the gilr's bra
I witnessed it! Too bad the shot cant show much
Okie.. The whole street!

Kite in the sky
Good business I guess :)

Monk on the beach?
Where R all the Biaaaatch?!?

Colombo guyz
So slim.. & *perfumized*
No need to buy perfume! :P
Oh Dear Turtle~
A dead one.. Rest In Peace
OOps.. 1 piece of turtle is gone
How to Rest in Peace now?
OK.. Rest in Pieces left..
I cant believe I was actually smiling
Sorry Sorry turtle.. Don hunt down my place in KL
Local Girls~
A Shy one :p

Nice Beach
Got up early for Breakfast in Hotel
Less choice but Ok ba~
Only USD5!!!
Hotel was having few wedding celebration
Traditional Costume
I wanna wear too!!!

Cute little one
Showing tummy all the way!!!

& this is the moment that I have been waiting for
SunSet~!!! Wuu Wuu~ I like!!!

My Name.. An unique one
But I actually found some ppl using my name!!!
Copyrighted ok!!!

I reali enjoy this view..
Feel like bringing my sister there one day
U too, should go there & take a look!
How many out there can fulfill whatever U have promised?
A promise to family, fren or Ur love one?
Some of us can be so dramatic.. Acting according to emotion
When U R in Love, tend to commit some promises
Later part regret & always end in this way
"I am Sorry" Tat's it?!?!
Oh Ok.. Immaturity is the cause
Like I said.. I wanted to get a house
I am actually working so hard
Mutual all the way to gain more money
Cuz I reali wan to do it
Unlike some of the ppl..
I want to buy a house & live with u Happily ever after
I want to do this.. do that..
But, Where is ur FUCKING action?
Just a bunch of sweet talks without action
Thank you so much Mr. Polite

I am a flying bird
Who wants to tie me down?
I can be very tame :)

Don ever touch my heart
If U never meant for what U said
Don ever touch me..