Thursday, January 21, 2010


I had a great chat with Evon tonight
With Orange Juice & Green Tea tat healthy lolx
Apparently, something came up recently
Aaaah.. I just need my frens so badly

Evon told me bout tis
I cant reali translate it to English
Pls correct me if I am wrong yea^^
Planning is always behind changes
Someone who has been spotting me for 2 years taught me tis :P

Ok lets get to the topic for now
Its absolutely normal for us to plan for our future
My plan is not just bout myself
Whenever I have a bf, I even plan to have car, house, more future
Call me crazy, name me a whore whatever it is
I may look so playful but deep down
I am just someone who is trying to settle down
Though I am not that old (reali??) Lolx

So depression comes 1st when any of my relationship called off
As usual, all the sweet memories turn out to be series of nightmare
Have U ever sat down & think
Y would U waste such a time & effort for someone
Someone who eventually give up loving U?
Someone who used to be so sweet & lovely
& all of a sudden, he just wanted to put everything into an end
Worthlessness.. that's bout it

Evon finds me weird cuz I even have plan with my bf
I don know Y am I tis type of person
Mayb I should have just planned for only myself
Mayb I should have been more selfish
Don bother bout how ppl feel
Don care bout lots of thing
For sure I wont feel tis depressed anymore
It is such a frustrated thing..
When I decided to open up my heart for someone
& all the someone do is to break it even more greater
Smashed my heart into pieces :(
Yea.. Mayb I should always close my heart
"NO ENTRY" katanya~

Catch up with Elroy who is now in Birmingham
I cannot picture myself staying in Oversea so far away for 1 year
He has accomplished for almost 5 months
Doubtlessly, I miss him so much
Miss all the moments we spent together
Dear Elroy, pls hold on there
Another half a year U r coming back!
Lets chill out like those days
Days here without U seem missing something!!!
I miss U!! We miss U badly!!

My sister joined me to KK 5 days trip recently
We actually have lots of pic to post
But then, I don know where did I put my USB connector
So be patient yea, some pics R gonna uploaded soon
I remember my sister asked me the day before she went back
"Gor, will U miss me?"
At tat time, I was feeling all the goose bumps
But the day when I came back from flight
Back to the hotel room.. OMG
It felt so cold.. I miss her.. OMG OMG
Though she was kinda noisy, disturbing me all the time lolx
Hey sis, not sure whether U would check out my blog
I wanna tell U that I do love U so so much!
Though sometimes U cause so much trouble haha!
I just love my family!
Family & Evon & Elroy seem never toss me aside
Thank you for loving me.. Thank you so much

Did daily flight to HK from KK
Got a chance to taste Airport Goose rice!
Not as nice as wat I thought
& it costs RM12.00It was so light load
Anyway CNY is coming
For sure the load will bloom! Prepare for the worst!!!

1st time I have such a fun 5 days trip
Thanks to my fellow colleagues
Catherine, Charline, Ikmal & Hairul
I will always bear in mind for all the advices
* U live only once, go & have fun
* Don ever let someone put me so down, he doesnt deserve me!
* Invest in urself, always live ur life with honor :)

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  1. cheer up..everything will be ok..lets all the past become memories and blessing each other no matter that person is u or nt by him/her side in future...hope can meet u in next flight while i will go back by MAS...aja aja fighting