Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Hello there~
Welcome to Sabah
BaBa City~
These R the pics taken during my 5 days trip in KK
Tis trip was kinda awesome

A new shopping centre
So for those Sabahan who has been staying out
Tis might be a little update for U
Do U think we look alike?
Seriously.. My sister she has such a big pair of eyes
While mine? Hehe.. U know la.. So Small!!
Wat is so great bout KK?
Ocean it is!

Nemo Nemo

There is this morning
Someone woke me up such early in the morning
I was so so sleepy
Here we R in Gaya Street Sunday Market

Beautiful Corals & Shells
There is tis Special Coffee
They brew it on the spot

Sutera Harbour!

Our shadows
My sister's bf, my sis n me

I am pretty jealous
They have been together for almost 2 years for now
Yea.. fighting, arguing tat is an usual thing
The main thing is they never wanted to leave each n other
They both learn how to forgive n forget
U should possess in my body
U will see the way they interact to each other
So lovely & funny
I am so jealous :(

I have done something like this before
I thought it was sweet
So tis KK 5 days trip was fun
But I guess the one who had lots of fun would be my sis!
Glad to bring her to KK at least once

Oh yea I just got back from Sri Lanka
I have some beach pic too! I love Colombo beach
I shall upload them soon~
Nice days!

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