Sunday, January 24, 2010

Housemate Day~ Ipoh Mari!!

It was almost a month ago for now
3 of us have almost the same day
Phuket? Bali? Where Where?!
Due to budget problem, Ipoh it is!
Ivy's hometown :)

Proudly present Ivy & Wayne
This 2 totally different personalities housemate of mine
Ok.. I wasnt the only driver
Wayne & Ivy can drive too!
But I guess I am the only capable driver
To drive almost 3 hours to Ipoh!
Its disgusting?
Come on, give us a break
It isnt easy for us to spend time together :)

Enjoy the beautiful scenary
Ipoh is full of mountains
Ipoh signature board
Though it isnt my 1st time to ipoh
But I felt the happiness too

Turned in Simpang Pulai
Paid the toll
Its been almost 3 hours
By taking flight, 3 hours can reach Bali
Not just Bali, Even Sandakan & Tawau haha!
Kinta Bus
Haha! Wat an authentic Ipoh local bus!

Kampung House
Welcome to the world of Kampung

Thank you Ivy's family for the good treat
It was just some simple dishes
Ivy keeps saying that she is gonna quit
Looking forward Etihad or Emirates or even SIA
Ivy, looking at these pic
I bet U might enjoy the money for quite some times in those airlines
But in the end U will die wishing to have this kind of dishes
Mayb it will not be as delicious as what U paid out there
But it is definitely able to warm ur heart
Family's Love, Ivy!!
Ok, no surprise!~
We are all from Kampung!
Ivy is Ipoh mui
Wayne is Kedah zai
Me? Kampar zai!!
Ride to this place
Aunty's Karaoke Paradise
The voice? Erhm.. haha!
I bet Wayne & me can sing better hahha!
I learn something from this place
Those aunty for sure can judge who can sing or wat not
I guess for them, U don need to sing great
U just need to sing
Bcuz they enjoy the companionship
But not here to compete
Mayb when I am old, I move to this place ba hahha!
I love smoking hehe

OMG Fried Chicken~!
I don know why.. I just love it!
Plus it is The Kampung Fried Chicken
Taste even more better!!

In return, we bought this Fried Chicken
For Ivy's family
They did lick them so clean :P
Mayb it is our habit
Nite stop staying in Hotel, we got everything we need
So this time, I forgot to bring Towel!
Cute towel~ haha! I am such a baby huh?! hahhaa!

Its time to go on
Move on Baby~ Never look back
Brand new day each day
Just living is not enough!
One must have Sunshine, Freedom & A little Flower :)


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