Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I Love Japanese Cruisines!

While everyone is planning wat to do in this brand new year
I was actually looking at my camera pics
There R bunch of pics I aint got a chance to expose yet
Lets talk bout the most "historical" pics
Taken place in Sugimoto Japanese Restaurant in Desa Sri Hartamas
Where Evon & me happened to work there
During our F4 school holidays

Obviously the cutlery settings have been changed
Presentable & yet very the japanese feel

Ok, this was wat Coo Coo ordered
I even told him to finish the egg yolk
I told him a guy needs it for a better sperm generating lolx

I don usually like Sushi
But this Volcano Sushi
OMG..!! Its just too best!!!

My Tempura Set & Evon's Shashimi Set
It was a yummy nite but it ended too soon
I paid the bill very early after my called & rushed for Shanghai flight
Its just an old story but I started to think
What if I didnt go for tat flight?
Mayb I could enjoy more with Coo Coo & Evon
Am I being too selfish?
Work comes 1st.. Money comes 1st
I don know.. I am just thinking..
I am all by myself.. If I don work as hard as possible
Where the hell can I get more saving in the end of my contract?
Everyone needs a house, an own property
I have a little Kancil & I am fine with it
Not planning to change a new car but trying my best to save money for a house
I guess my wish for tis year would be the same like last year
Earn money, Save money & Save MORE money

People says,
A rich person is the one who know how to SAVE money
I guess its true enough!
I can see some of them earning more than me but shopping giler babi
Mayb I shall just go for Mamak but not Madam Kwan anymore lolx

Earn Money, Save Money & Save LOTS of Money

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