Friday, January 15, 2010

New Year for 2010

So darling, I know U have lots of plan in ur mind for this brand new year
Did U actually have a great celebration to welcome tis 2010?
I bet I did!
I got this flight to Labuan having a nite here
& I just cant believe tis could be so fun!

Believe it or not?
For us being a crew, always talk bout good foods
For Borneo area, Chicken Wings has been our favourite!
Upon arriving or I should say Even before landing into Labuan
I convinced my set of crew
We MUST have fun tonight!!!
So here it is
Even Captain, First Officer, Leading came out!
So fun so fun!! We grabbed this Chicken Wings
Before we got ourselves drunk!!
Met the other set of crew
The next day 2 set of us R going back
Our wake up call is around 5pm
Theirs? Erhm.. 4.45am!!! Crazy!!!

There was a live band
But it was like total dead
Ppl hardly give response
& here is tis pic
Not a random pic
Look carefully! There is tis OLD NANNY
Flirting with a white grandpa
& she looked so so so.............. SYIOK SENDIRI!!!
Lovely Leading Stewardess Ritta :)

Tickling.. its gonna be 12 soon!!!
& we have fun dancing there
Like a sohaiz.. literally a bunch of sohaiz seriously
Happy New Year
We all looked so fun but in fact, kinda lonely kan
Not as happening as wat we R getting in KL

Its just not enough! We need more!!!
So we have beers & JD

I was a bit drunk already
But tis thing cannot be missed
Welcome the year of 2010
I love this Xmas house!
Wat bout tis?
& tis! I like it all!!!
Ok this is crazy
I used to laugh at Sabahan Traditional Dance
& I was dancing it!!!!
I was so drunk man!!!

We didnt finish it still in the end
So fun!!

Tis pic can show the ultimate level of drunkness
Look at my eyes... Aduhai!!
In the end, we got ourselves Chicken Wings
with such a drunk face & went back to room
I snore like hell I bet!
Staying in hotel
Nothing is greater than a bathe tub
Especially the foamy one!!!
Nice nice! I would like to have a bathe tub in my own house!!

Again.. Happy New Year
Haha.. I am going crazy!!
A New Year comes with a good start
& even carried with my great past!


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