Sunday, February 28, 2010

Wat A Day!!

This morning my pick up to the airport was 6.05am
& I was having seriously problem with my sleep
I woke up twice at least
A cig then went to bed again
I swear!
I didnt even hear my alarm ring
I wasnt even sure did I actually put my alarm to off
Tata~ Transport was gone!
I woke up.. 7.30am!!!!
OMFG!!!! Reporting is 7.35am & Departure is 9.05am!!!
Guess what? I made it in the end!!! :P

Put it aside 1st, gonna share few things for now

Dolce & Gabbana *the one*
Got this from a Business Class passenger
Was doing sales with my Leading Stewardess on Delhi flight
Approached him & grabbed a long hour chat
I like it!
Simple & Nice!!
The best part of course is FREE!!!
This perfume cost around MYR 275
Thanks alot to this generous man!
But then.. He touched my hands here & there!!
Enough of molesting me!!

Now is bout the Shanghai flight with Ivy
Look at us in uniform
I do not look like one rite?
Almost everyone imagines A Flight Attendant should be
Tall~ Handsome~ Macho~ Very Attractive
Me? lolx.. Look like a little boy more
Unlike Ivy, she has a flight attendant look
But then kan.. Out of Uniform??
Haha.. Everything change!!!

Look like 2 Kampung Kia
Those 1st time traveling excitement!
It was still cold
Around 12 degree
The best part is bout the flower
Winter + Spring season
Snowy white in colour :)

We will always come to this train station
An underground shopping paradise!!!
My favourite temple
Jing An TempleIt looks so grand!!!
Brought Ivy to this Restaurant
The Spicy Soup with all kind of ingredients
Look at my bowl!~
Haha.. It costs RMB 35 which is like MYR 17.50
I couldnt finish it
I knew it lolx
Ivy's portion also not small
hahhaha!! RMB 24 :P
Both of us screamed for being too full
Left over alot!

Ivy Ivy
I am pretty sure U wont check out my blog
Let me be completely honest to U
I wonder since when I treat U as my little sister
Perhaps sometimes when I need ur help
U will be always there for me
Reali appreciate that I met U in this walk of life
Frenship forever!

I look so ugly..
What happened to me recently???

Okie.. back to my previous topic
Since I was late kan
I drove all the way with 110/120/130 KM/J
Car was seriously almost over heated
Arrived there, rushed to aircraft
I met someone in the middle of my way
Mother Fucker Pukimak Asshole!
U this kind of half blind creature should go to hell
U shall never be revived as U should be a dead soul by now
How dare U asked me to "WATCH OUT!!!!?"
Diu Nyah Ma Chao Fah Hai!
If I ever hear U say it one more time
I will report to office for U harassing me, embarrassing me & threaten me!
But funny though to see tis angry man
U r losing.. Didnt U notice that?
Haha.. Like I said before
Respect is to be earned, U cant demand for it haha!

I am so so glad
Allow me to extend my fullest sincere gratitude to my set of crew today
Sorry guyz.. I didnt mean to be late
Thanks alot for the flight today
I appreciate all of U so so much!
Hope to see U all again soon :)

2molo Sibu, spending a nite there
There after, off 1 day then ready to go
London & Elroy! I am coming!! :)


A Flying Experience

Was just talking bout Ivy on my previous post
Surprisingly she flew with me together
To Shanghai~
Not the B734 but A330!
Its just too bad we didnt work under the same zone :(
Its great enough
To fly with my Batchmate + Housemate + Sister

I read someone's blog today
It was bout his personal life
Nothing impressive, nothing exaggerating
Its just a normal boy's life

He put up his pic with his BF
How sweet! Yea.. So Sweet..
I cant help but to feel jealous
Come on man, I used to have BFs too
Mayb I am just feeling lonely now..

I remember last nite
I put myself to 1/4 drunkenness with Red Wine
Dozed off immediately.. Peacefully
A dead body indeed
I dreamed bout him again
We got back together & it was totally in vain
He told me, the reason he is back with me
Is just a comfort, to avoid me from being upset again
There he goes.. He is gone again for real :(
It was 3.29am in the morning
Wat a nightmare!!

Yea its just an emo post, nothing special
W.H.Y? Y cant I have a BF to love me?
Y is it for me that hard to fall for someone?
I am so jealous.. Even my two BFF have their own lover
Mine? Always come & go.. :(
Someone pls come.. take me away from this undead loneliness

Enough of this
As Evon said, I should be glad that I am single
Yea.. Single life that allows me to do whatever I wan
But Dear.. I miss the feeling being touched by someone I love
I miss those Kisses, those Love Flying around nite
I hope I will meet someone soon..
Someone who will take me to his heart
Truly. sincerely wanted to be together

-E.M.O go away-
This pic looks like I don have any Hair!!


Thursday, February 25, 2010

CNY Fever!!!

Wat a pathetic thing kan?
I reali don hear any CNY song playing around!!
& Finally.. Finally!!!
Its been a long journey for me tis month!
Been working from 3rd - 12th ( 10 Days! )
13th - 14th CNY ( 2 Best Days! )
Woking again 15th - 23rd!! ( 9 Days!! )
A total of 21 days.. I wasnt home!
Home sweet Home.. Very Candy!
My bed is so so Nice!! :)

Time to update my blog
Its like a homework for me^^
I was in Delhi again~

Tis time Delhi isnt tat cold anymore
It was around 22 degree
Just nice :)
I will always remember this MoMos!!
Indian Dumplings
But looking at the way they do it..
Kinda scary!!
Tasting good still haha!!!
Very old tree
It looks so skinny
Like total DRY!

Time to introduce someone I respect!
Her name is Dianni Murni :)
She is my Senior in MAS
& my 1st 6 days KK trip was with her
After a year already!
2nd time flying with her
Fun fun fun!!
She is pretty, no doubt
Sweet, a bonus!
She taught me something back then
How to say "I Love U" in Kadazan language
Oupus Zou Diau
I still remember she was asking me
Whom is my love & Why am I so into this person
Till willing enough to learn this
Thank U Dianni^^
That love didnt come true but I will always remember tat moment :)

Local Chicks!
We were picked to be Model for their assignment shoot
Huhu~ Yea!!
She wanted to get something for her relatives
Picking those Colourful Table Clothe
Loads of them!!

I was thinking kan
Y don I get all this from Delhi
& Re-sell them in our KL Little India
I will be damn rich!!!
McDonald is a Family Restaurant
Hhaha.. Now only I know
Maharaja McChicken!!
Does it look like our Big Mac??
I don take beef!!
Tis will do!!

See that?!?!
Can someone explain to me
Y R so many Indians vegetarian?!?
On our way back
Sad thing.. Real sad
See this kids? They R playing their little circus
I gave out the balance money that I have
Boy, be sure make good use of the money
Study hard & be someone useful in future!
Btw.. U look real funny though :P

The best thing back to home
My family is gonna treat me as a Prince!!
See what I get for my High Tea???
Yong To Fu!!!
Best Best!!
Mama cookings, handmade!!
Chili, Bitter Gourd & Egg Plant
My Favourite!
Lotus + Peanuts + Kurma soup
Best Best!!!
Nothing is greater than all these!!!

After a great meal
My mama gave me this
I don know wat it is called in English
Its just some prediction for my whole year 2010

第五十五首 癸丑 屬木利在春天宜其東方

須知進退總虛言 看看發暗未必全

珠玉深藏還未變 心中但得枉徒然



Oops.. This is telling me
Nothing is a Perfect 10
In short, I should do thing according to the situation
So long I truly have the ability, I'll shine one day
Some remarks for me this year
-Less Black Shirt! Oops..
-Walk away when there is a fight
-Many back stabbers!
Okie.. Got it!

Housemate + Best Fren day~
Yo man, I love U guyz alot!
Colleen + Ivy + Wayne + Evon Dear
My smile.. So ugly!!
& I am so short!!!
They R tryoing to compare who is more pretty!!
Cannot take it!
Their feets!! So fucking long!!!
I don like!! I look so short!!!
Cut Cut!!!!
Okie.. Tis is better
Thanks Wayne for bending a bit hahhaha!!!

Heard that Colleen just broke up
Who wants this Pretty Stewardess as gf?
Come!!! She is real hot & sexy!!!
Dear Colleen, be strong!
A better one is definitely waiting for U
For this moment, calm urself down
& do what U suppose to do
Ready for a New Love in future :)
Best of Luck!

Okie.. Am I scratching my ass??
Evon.. I am gonna kill U!!
Ur feets!!! So long!!!

A bunch of Crazy fellas!!

Spicy Spaghetti Baked with Seafoods
Oooo Jian
Oyster Egg!!
Didnt know that Evon can mix with them so easily!
It is reali a lovely date with them
Seldom to have day off together though :)
Evon I hope U feel the same way too
Thanks for accompanying me today^^

The other day
Ivy & I went to MAS Ticketing Office

Seldom take pic with her
We have a little common
We R both Perak Kia :pI got it!!!
Elroy.. I am coming!!!

If U notice kan.. Before this my hair is shown as below
Not too long rite?
But no choice.. I need to cut a bit!!Become this short now!!!

After this gonna work another 5 days
Back from work for sure need to pack my stuff
& ready for LONDON~!!

Looking at money..
How ah?! Insurance due date is here!
Saving.. Saving.. Saving!!!
Someone said.. Earning is not a problem
Saving is difficult!
For me.. Earning is difficult, saving is an easy job hahha!
I kinda admire myself sometimes, reali spend tat little every month
For what? A better future definitely :)

At this very moment
All that I am thinking..
Is to treat my Family & Frens as good as I can
Love U guyz.. Every single second!

Cold Dead Look
My Coffin Pic hahhaa!!