Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Before CNY

Once again Happy Chinese New Year everyone~
Here is my little trip before CNY
Went to Beijing where it was -5 degree
It was so so cold!!!

1st of all, I wonder Y my Captain Mr. Hew was looking weird
Thus, the next pic
All of us except Captain looking weird =.="

Later part, Captain brought us dinner
& I received a text from Carol
Captain Hew is actually her husband!!!
Which mean indirectly, he is my Step Father!! haha
Tis may look disgusting
Like a human's inside lolx
It tastes so good with the wrapping~
Tomato with Egg
Mixed Chicken Spicy Hot Pot
My favourite! Bra & Coli~
Beijing the infamous Roasted Duck~

We even drink with Captain
How cool is he!! Very very nice guy indeed~
The price for all these above
Plus 5 big bottles of Beer
Cost RMB 190 which is MYR 85!!! Crazy!!!

After Beijing
Here I come to Labuan~
The duty free island
Dataran Labuan
Tis chick is so so hot!!!
A sabahan hot chick stewardess~
Wat to do in Labuan?
Of course la drinking!!!!!!
We went clubbing in this place
Po Phin? I think tis is the nameIt is such a cool place
They even allow customers to join the live bandDancing dancing dancing~!!!
I was reali going crazy tat time!!Oh yea u don have to tell me
I look so ugly in this pic!!!
The next day still able to wake up
Went out buying stuff like liquor & all tat
Some said we look matching!
Okie.. Mayb I should get a gf soon? hehe

Who doesnt wan this for collection?!
2 Litre & such a big bottle!
I wan this!!!
I wan all this too!!!
How nice If I have all of them for my home bar collection~

Still under CNY mood
I have taken kinda lots of pic in hometown
Not only showcasing how did I celebrate mine
But also introduce a bit of my hometown
Too many of them.. Need some times to edit them all

Recently, something came out
I started picking up some thoughts tat I have long lost

The feeling is so so bad!!!
I just cant stop thinking bout it
But this time is slightly different from those days
I was unable to even live a normal life
Now I seem calm.. cool.. chill..
Even the mind is spinning & spinning
When is tis gonna end..
Is tis just a start
Or it is actually me denying the fact that it has ended?
No idea.. Time will tell ba~
Less thoughts make ur life easier


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