Saturday, February 20, 2010

CNY follow up!!

Dong Dong Dong Chiang X2
Has anyone forgotten bout CNY?!
I didnt even hear any CNY song..
Wat is going on??

After getting back from Hometown
Went for a short daily flight
& I was working in Business Class as a Stewardess
Haha!! Was reali excited actually :)
It shows that I am the prettiest among my set of crew haha!

Back from flight, rushed back to Kepong
Prepared to meet my Lovely Dear Evon ^^

Its been a while I did not celebrate CNY with Evon
Usually back from Hometown, definitely need to work
Till no time to pamper my little Dear
Thank God this year I made it!
But.. Elroy is not here!! :(

Evon's cousin
Hello.. Miss Ha~ (Prawn)
Playing Card!
Wat a weird facial expression haha!
It was a drunken master nite
It was so nice to be crazy!!
Evon, may this new year grant U a star!
I will always pray for Ur succeed in everything :)

Time to leave!
Where to go?!
Huhu~ Kaohsiung this time
My 2nd visit :)
Since when my face becomes so Round?!!
Face it Crason! U R now a fat ass!!!!

Wat a HOT stewardess!!!
Little Pantie haha!

Hotel Lobby in hotel
Full of CNY feel!
Staying in Ambassador Hotel in Kaohsiung


So this is the Love River
Bcuz of CNY
Crowded all over
I love Taiwan Bridge
Its far from us now
Gonna walk towards it
Ferry Boat in the dark
A far shoot, cant reali see it rite?
A bit closer now :)

Oh yea, they have this Lantern
It says
LOVE . Blissful
Feel so lonely when I see this..

Little Tiger at side

A closer pic bout the Bridge
Looks like shark fins

Opposite of this Bridge
Another bridge

The true Identity!!!

Love it man!!!
Its like a Star Tunnel

Love Pier
Wat a name!
Making me feel even more lonely!!
Crason for sales!
Anyone wanna take me home?!?!

Its all around this Park
So folks, if U travel to Kaohsiung
Pls do not forget to visit tis Park yea :)

I Love Kaohsiung!!!

Next month is not reali a good month for me
Roster not that happening
Talked to a senior yesterday
She said Happiness will not come if I keep saying I am not happy
OKie.. So I am gonna have my flight happening
Even though I will not have any stunning shoot
Just make it the best that I could ba!

Time to rest..
Forced Leaves for 10 days
4th March MH002 KUL/LHR with Boeing 747
~~ Holidays Mode & Mood with Elroy ~~
10th March MH001 LHR/KUL with B747
Budget for traveling?
As low as possible!!!
Anyway my flight from KL to London is only MYR 510 haha!


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