Thursday, February 4, 2010

Family Day, the Monthly Dinner :p

Went out the other day with Evon
Bought tis back
I thought I lost it
The next day.. Mama told me she found it
Issh!! I have 2 Zippo now!!
Its alright, backup lighter then :P

Time to show the dinner with my family
It took place in 1 Utama
Vietnam's Kitchen
Love it~

Set Menu is always more worthy & bigger portion? No?
Convince parents to take it
So that it wont burn a bigger hole in my pocket
Being served with this marinated peanuts
Siister's drink
Honey Lemon
Avocado + Red Bean :)
Vietnam Tea
Erhm.. Not our taste at all
My parents make a remark
Taste like toothpaste haha!
Dahlia mayb?
My Father is having his *mature* moment
His tooths R almost all gone
Left only 1 big tooth
Others all fake!!
Tofu is the best for him!
My God..
U must taste tis!
Goose with Mango!
Vietnam Signature Grass Noodle :p
See it? Its so big the portion!
My mama Lemon Grass Chicken Chop set :p
Poor father
Taste the Braised Fish~
Mine Mine!
Taking only noodle, CNY is coming!!
Cant afford to get fatter!
Guess my sister is having the same thought
XO sauced Mee Hoon~
She keeps saying I don wanna eat more
But in the end.. whole thing gone!!
So this is Chai's Family
The family members of Crason
My sister, Elaine
Does she look any similar to my family member?
Wat bout me?!
I think I must be picked up from dustbin long time ago
Found me as a abandoned infant lolx
Everything is almost gone by tat time
I left a big portion of noodle still
Eventually, all went inside my mama's stomach
Wayne was so bad.. He told me the only thing he can see
Is my Mama's big tummy!!!
Hahah!!!! I am gonna kill him!!!!

Here is my parents
Love them much!
Papa is 48 tis year, Mama is 45 tis year

Plus my sister, 19 tis year
I still have another brother
Elder bro, Steven Chai
Still working in Auckland
Hopefully he will come back soon

Met someone last nite
He told me
Family, Frens or even Lover
We R like hiking in a same Bus
We'll never know who is gonna get down from the bus
Cannot predict the When & Who
But inevitably, someone gotta go some days..
So it is how R we gonna treasure the time when we R still together

My 1st day came back to work
Was feeling seriously Emo!!
I missed my days off badly..
I used to hate day off
Next month, I am gonna have 10 days Annual Leaves
Plus 8 days off.. My god!
I work only 12 days a month?!?!
I would earn less for sure
Mayb money is not everything
Mayb I seriously need times to relax a bit
Mayb it is a great amber time for me to think bout my current life
Which way to take, which road to choose

Anyway, HK 2molo
Nice shopping! See the world ba~!!
Nite nite to those who R still with me
Miss U all.. Love U all truly :)



  1. What a lovely family you have! This is the most valuable time that I am alwiz looking forward to have....but, for now and maybe forever til my last breathe, this can be only an luxurios "hope"....May GOD bless Crason's family always...Have a safe flight to HK...enjoy urself

  2. that was so awesome treat to beloved one.... crason now is so different from a few years ago especially in thinking and attitude.... keep the positive momentum and appreciate the moment.... know your priority, make the best decision on it and i bet u will never regret.....

  3. absence does really make the heart grows fonder...our most important duty as children is to honor our parents...and as I grow older, i began to appreciate them even more...for all the things that they have done for me...and their sacrifices which could never be repaid by me in this lifetime...lovers come and go, money come and go, fame come and go but family will always stand by us through thick and thin.