Sunday, February 28, 2010

A Flying Experience

Was just talking bout Ivy on my previous post
Surprisingly she flew with me together
To Shanghai~
Not the B734 but A330!
Its just too bad we didnt work under the same zone :(
Its great enough
To fly with my Batchmate + Housemate + Sister

I read someone's blog today
It was bout his personal life
Nothing impressive, nothing exaggerating
Its just a normal boy's life

He put up his pic with his BF
How sweet! Yea.. So Sweet..
I cant help but to feel jealous
Come on man, I used to have BFs too
Mayb I am just feeling lonely now..

I remember last nite
I put myself to 1/4 drunkenness with Red Wine
Dozed off immediately.. Peacefully
A dead body indeed
I dreamed bout him again
We got back together & it was totally in vain
He told me, the reason he is back with me
Is just a comfort, to avoid me from being upset again
There he goes.. He is gone again for real :(
It was 3.29am in the morning
Wat a nightmare!!

Yea its just an emo post, nothing special
W.H.Y? Y cant I have a BF to love me?
Y is it for me that hard to fall for someone?
I am so jealous.. Even my two BFF have their own lover
Mine? Always come & go.. :(
Someone pls come.. take me away from this undead loneliness

Enough of this
As Evon said, I should be glad that I am single
Yea.. Single life that allows me to do whatever I wan
But Dear.. I miss the feeling being touched by someone I love
I miss those Kisses, those Love Flying around nite
I hope I will meet someone soon..
Someone who will take me to his heart
Truly. sincerely wanted to be together

-E.M.O go away-
This pic looks like I don have any Hair!!



  1. haha. EMO go away~ ??! but ur blog's background music make everyone goes EMO~

  2. Hello Crason,

    I chanced upon your blog somehow.,,cant remember how though but its kinda special,,.its something from the heart.,,it touched mine and I bet it had the same on others as well. I just love ur choice of songs..its so soothing and peaceful.. I'd like these songs in my own blog,,now learning how to..thanks for sharing. Keep your chin up:) its not the end of the world yet :)