Friday, February 19, 2010

Gong XI Gong Xi

Roaring Year, Tiger is the King this time
Its actually my year though
Still 23yo, denying the fact that Birthday is coming
Don wanna turn 24yo can ah? lolx

Before CNY, I worked my ass off
Straight 10 days working
After that even need to drive back hometown
KL ----> Malim Nawar
It takes around 2 hours plus to reach

I started my journey around 2am
It was smooth still but slow traffic
Reached at 5am & I was a dead fish on bed

The moment I woke up, I could hear them
My whole family making such a noise in the house
Time for Lou Shang~

Never forget my favourite dish
Deep Fried Prawn!!

Lou ah Lou ah~~
Haha.. My papa's tummy & his little boobs :P

My grandpa was very excited
He took out this super old red wine
A present from someone perhaps his old fren
He kept it stored for so many years
Tis year, he seems to be so so generous!
I wan one too!!
More pls!!
Oops, wat a big turn off *bik bok*
Using this kind of cup to drink Red Wine haha!
Its alright, we R not those High Rich Classy family anyway
Oh yea, my hometown is like a Boeing 747 aircraft
It has an upper deck too!
Wat to do after a big meal?
Of course la smoking!! haha!
See the ceiling, its so narrow!
Kampung house, reali fun!
A random shot shows how natural they R
I have so many cousin & nephew now!
Hello naked kid!
Wat U doing??!
Reali catching attention

After the big meal
Here comes the Ang Pau money~
Yea Yea~ My Ang Pau!!

Looking lonely
Cannot believe it, Its CNY man!
Even Kampung looks so quiet nowadays

Only traffic is making its Havoc time

The oldest Kinta Bus
For those who was born & raised in Perak
Tis is our common transport :)
Malim Nawar
A small kampung that is 7km away from Kampar
& almost 40 mins aways from Ipoh

Some houses R closed for now
Mostly left & moved to KL for better living standard
Grandpa, Grandma, don move okie?
I love tis Kampung
Seriously I don understand
Y is it Kampung always tat HOT?
I was sweating like never ending
Pls.. Help me!

Cendol mayb can help a bit
Very authentic feel of Cendol

Yummy yummy~
Icy cold my body~
Tis great machine is the one who crashed all the iceberg to ice flake
Seldom see Cendol in KL
Just taking some pic for memory~

Oops.. Finish the whole bowl
It wasnt me, tis bowl belongs to my sister!
Another Grandma's house
Just 5 mins walking distance though haha!

Decided to go out for a little walk
Tis is the park where I hang out when I was young
See this swing? So old style!
I bet my ass cant even fit in now
Can la.. I am not that fat yet!!

I will challenge U!!
Yuu Huu~
Oh yea, Malim Nawar has its own Train Station actually
If I am not mistaken, it has been closed down
Nowadays those train passing by wont stop at this station anymore

My housemate Ivy!!!
An Ipoh girl~
I visited her at this place
Very funny name though
Kopisan hahha!!!
Unfortunately I didnt smell any Kopi haha
We went to a temple nearby for a short prayer
Better fortune for this year
This piece of paper says
I shall not be frustrated over a tiny little problem
I shall be patient
I shall not d whatever not supposed to do
Then Luck will be on my side!

Back to Malim Nawar after that
It was nice catching up Ivy in Kopisan
I have never visited anyone during CNY before this
So glad that the appearance of Ivy has added a little excitement
Setting up for the welcoming ceremony of God of Wealth
I reali don look alike with my sister!
My grandpa haha!
He was looking so blur

Shot a pic on my sister
She looks like such a hot chick here haha!
I am not saying that she is not hot if U check out her front
She actually looks cute :p
Ok.. I am trying to be serious here!
Trying to pray harder!!
Wat happened to my Parents & Grandma!?!
Family Pic
We should have more than this here actually
I have calculated
Should be 29 of us in this family
Some left for holidays, some visiting their the other family

My lovely Grandma :)
Okie, I got it
If U don wanna take pic with us
U can just leave!!
Look at my cousins! "Zombie Pose"

I love this pic :)

I think I have to admit for now
Though my papa looks darker alot
But we R definitely a genetic Father & Son
We look so much alike!
Time to makan again~
Herbal Tea with some snacks
Just family gathering :)
Red Wine in the afternoon
White Wine at nite!
Tis time the glass looks much more classy :)
The next day, we cant wait longer for this Lion Dance
It is gonna bring a better start for a year
My grandma was so excited!
Look at her, so cute!! I love U grandma :)
Hello.. Papa.. U also wan to join the club??!
Hehe.. my turn :P

Thank you Lion
I must rush for this little play before back to KL
Little waterfall
So crowded!!
The water might look so dirty
But it is actually Clean & Clear
The best part is cooling!!

Had so much fun with them
Looking at those kids
It reminds me when I was once a kid
Only me, my bro & my sister as the grand kids
Grandma used to bring us here
Now that we have so many kids around us
Very noisy actually.. haha!

How did U celebrate ur CNY btw?
Everyone has his own style of celebrating
I guess mine is not something reali special
Just ordinary Family Reunion, reunited again
We R now all seperated
KL, JB, Kedah, Perak, Singapore
Its good to see them again
Though we didnt have much topics to brag bout
I don know.. Somehow I feel that We all Love Each Other
& I definitely Love this Chai's big Family:)

Happy CNY to all my dear
Time to work harder for another year
May U all healthy, wealthy & happy^^


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