Thursday, February 11, 2010

Hong Kong II Attack!

It is always fun traveling to HK
Its my 2nd time to HK for now
Something else I need to do
Except just shopping for CNY!

Our company has changed the hotel
It was previously an Airport Hotel
Now it is a hotel tat Nearby to the airport
Erhm.. does it make any difference? lolx
Room is bigger obviously!
Yet still far from the town!

Some views around the Hotel
It was foggy thus these pic don reali look so nice though
Begin our journey to the town
This time duly HK Central town

Our First Officer Mr. Tan
His 1st time here in HK
He was so excited!!
Oh yea this Hotel is super near to this building
A famous live band was having its concert there actually
The infamous M.U.S.E

Ok.. I know its lame
Just something fun I did lolx
Took the train to Central HK
Welcome to HK!

Walk around, cruise around
Just wanted to see more of HK town

OMG I love this plant!

I hope I look cool in this pic
NO? haha! I love smoking inside my pic :P

Hollywood Road
How I wish Malaysia would have this kind of road name!

The awesome Police Station
HK Police Station
Established since 1919

Ok here we R!
A random street tat is so sloppy
Slope Street

& of course the best part is not bout the slope street
Is bout my Half Moon Ass haha!
For those who understands this
Give this talented ass a round of applause
Reali nice poem! But a mean one :P
At the back of street
Talented drawings R everywhere

Double Decker Bus
We took bus to highland
Wanted to check out the beautiful HK city view
So so typical HK city!
I like!!!
It is awesome to see all those tall tall resident area in highland
Looking dangerous though!
Hello HK Highland
The Peak is the name :)
Yes Foggy day in HK
It was 15 degree
Cold cold!!!
Wanna get a better view?
Pay pls!!!

Grabbing my own balls
I told them, if U feel cold
Ur private part keeps U warm
Try it!
It was such a slope too
I find myself practicing the evacuation
Slide down from the aircraft lolx

I like this so so much!

Beautiful view in The Peak
Though couldnt take the HK town city from highland
This is memorable enough
We could have taken Cable Car back to the town
It was too crowded!
Just a pic to remember this moment
HK I Love U~

Ok time is up!
Time to get serious
Well it was not reali a smooth flight
I met some nasty ass this time
I don understand what is the joy of it?
The joy of being sarcastic & rude to others?
Simply bcuz U think U R so proud of urself?
I was so so angry
Reali reach my very own maximum limit
I was glad & I am so so glad tat I fought back
haha! So daring to fight back actually~
Let me tell U this
When U demand for something, choice of words is very important!
U can say this
"I want Pepsi & Beer, faster!" with an ass face
Or U can choose to say
"Sorry ah Crason, can U get me Pepsi & Beer? TQ ah" with a polite smile
Both want exactly the same thing
The way U ask for it, matters the most!
The saying goes
U can never DEMAND for RESPECT, U can only GAIN the RESPECT
U this foolish ass! I curse U to go to hell!!!
Well, I will be seeing u in Hell anyway
Lets fight bare handed in the Hell!!!

I want nothing but a smooth & happy day
I will never bite if U don step on my tail
So stop pretending that U R the GOD in this world
Ur violent power means nothing to me
Don U ever think that U have the POWER
& I shall be ur POWDER!!
U're so so wrong!!!Just came back from Beijing today actually
Force myself to finish this post
Beijing post is coming soon~
I had a real good trip with my set of crew in Beijing :)

Someone told me
Not everyday is Ur day
Mayb the UPs & DOWNs R the elements to colour my life
I love my life anyway :)


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