Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I did not waste it!

From 31st Jan to 2nd Feb
I am having my 3 days off
Its been a while & I cant wait to make myself live to fullest
I did not waste my day this time!

1st of all
Would like to share this proverb with U guyz
Fish cries in water,
How nice if I were a Fish,
No one would know that I cry

Glad to receive some comments in my FaceBook
The Sea knows it very well
Its all bcuz the Fish is crying in his Heart :P
OMG.. Love it!

Went out jogging with Evon
How healthy!!
We both cant help talking bout tis
I bet since Elroy left us.. sob sob :(
We didnt go out jogging at all
No wonder all the tummy.. OK~
Still have the chance to take some pic
I think I am going crazy soon lolx!
I am so envy of her
Look at Evon's feets
So long!! I wish I am taller!!& again we were talking bout Elroy
Wat if 3 of us go jogging together when we R so so old?
Issh.. cannot imagine!!
With wrinkles all over my face..
Still taking pic..
Giving signature smile!!!
OMG!!! Don wan Don wan!!!
I bet I need to listen to S.H.E songs now!!!
Thinking alot bout my future recently
Erhm.. House 1st? Business 1st?
Evon said House 1st
Someone said Business 1st
Erhm.. Indecisive
Oh yea, Save Money 1st :P

I just found out tat Elroy has been away for like 5 months tat long
My 1st email to him was like 1 days ago?
How ignorant I have become!
Dearies.. My 2 Dearies..
Always love 2 of U so so much
Words just cant express much
Thank U for standing beside me all the time

Oh yea, bout family MONTHLY dinner
I cant reali remember when did I start this trend
To buy dinner for my family every month
Expenses increase!! Thank god its not abalone dinner lolx
Sayang sayang family members
& I guess I did fully utilize my days off tis time
No longer just PSP & online~

Back to work soon
10 days tis time!
3th Daily Flight
4th Daily Flight
5th to 7th Hong Kong!
8th to 10th Bejing!
11th to 12th Labuan!
13th to 15th CNY!!! Hurray~
Can shop giler babi before CNY, not bad not bad!
In advance, Happy Chinese New Year!
Tiger year~ Rooar~~


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  1. hi...all i need to ask is, have you ever asked yourself what is really important for you in life? Bingo!! Family and yourself. No point bushing around something which had turned sour and gone for good. Stay focus on your dream, your job, your future "kopitiam"....Hope you always learn something new in life everytime you bumped into a failure either in relationship or in your daily life, by then, you will get smarter and more mature...FOCUS FOCUS AND STAY FOCUS!!
    Nice meeting you....