Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Been Ages!

Its been ages for SIBU
Back from Sibu, seriously tired!!
3 sectors up & 4 sectors down!!
There was a new crew on board
It reminded me of my old days lolx
When I was new.. Always kena bully maximum!!
Now that I am slightly a bit senior
I will never repeat the same thing like my those days seniors did

Flew with a bunch of crazy colleagues
Seldom.. Seriously seldom
It was so so so fun!!!

Like I said.. Turn it off the *FLASH*
Its too bright!!!
*Flash* is off by now
But shaky hand!!
Blur pulak!!!
Everyone is acting like a Sifu
Teaching our little new crew Miss Syaza
She is a great one!
I even stand aside checking on her hahhaha!!!
Poor Syaza.. *Flash* till the whole face gone!

Her true identity revealed!
Syaza, the new baby & Hairi
The best one!
Slightly junior than me :P

Those days when I was still fucking new
Some seniors were reali showing their power
Spoke in a real bad manner
Acted like he/she like a GOD
I still see some of them around
I give no response
Yea.. Call me attitude! Name me an ass too!
I just don think those ppl deserve any respect
For U screamed & yelled at me!

So Syaza, Good Luck!
U have a good attitude
Willing to learn, I like that!
Happy flying with Malaysia Airlines yea hehe


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  1. It's an age old exists in almost every work environment..seniors bullying juniors...even during our school days ya..but somehow we survived and like u said...we don't repeat history ,,,thats great..u have a fun crew and thats really important...each one rallying for the other...and in the end, the passengers..they benefit the most from a happy crew :)