Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Best Meals in my Heart!

During my stay in Birmingham
I met them!
Great mates & Fantastic Chefs!
Proudly introduce their Well-Done Meals!

***Dao Wen - The Western Master!
Elroy was assisting lolx
I was there, need bigger portion! Haha!
Wat do u call this Vege?
No idea man!
At 1st, I find it looks disgusting
Doubting the taste :P
Roll it with salted Bacon Pork

I thought puddings R meant for dessert?
Not reali here in Birmingham by Malaysian Chef lolx!
Before I could have that best dinner from Dao Wen
Pennee gave me this!
Caramel type of Biscuits!
It tasted so sweet!!
Stick to my teeth :P

Mashed Potato :)

Its done!
& Let me tell U
It is so so delicious!!
1st Dinner together
Thank you for welcoming me to this warm family :)

The next day breakfast
***Elroy - the Mixer Master!
Simple & Nice
British Tea with Egg Toast
Typical breakfast :P
Thank U!!!

***Ji Yan - The Dessert Empress!
This is BEFORE
All tools were taken out
Seriously No Joke!

Okie.. this is...?
Don think bad!
Even though it looks like SH*T lolx
There U go~


***Crason - The Wat-I-Also-Don-Know Nerd
Look at their England's KFC portion
Chips R always more than Meat!
This is chicken wing?
It looks like a handicapped chicken more!
& Flat breast fillet
So small!!!
It costs 2 pounds per box!
2 pounds = MYR 10-12 =.="

Haha.. I cut all the chips & chicken meats into cubes
Fried Rice with all these haha!

Very big portion.. My GOD!
We all ate alot!
Its done!
No Name Fried Rice + KFC Chips & Chicken :P
My 1st time serious cook
Pls give me around of applause! :P

Another breakfast
From Elroy!

British local dessert
I forgot the name!
It is so fucking good!!!!
I wan it again!!!!
Wraps by Elroy!!!
Aaaah.. Hi Tea time :)

Pennee - The Pasta Queen :)
Thank U Pennee
Curry Chicken Pasta lolx

My Last breakfast in Birmingham :(

Looking at these pic..
I cant deny the fact tat I reali miss the moment we spent together!
But also *THANKS* to U guyz..
I gained weight! 3KG ok!!!
My belly cant be hidden anymore!!!

Thank you.. sincerely from my heart!
Dao Wen, Pennee, Ji Yan & of course my lovely Dear Elroy
Thank you for treating me so well
U guyz deserve the best hospitality award! :)

Next post
Something that strengthened the Friendship :)



  1. that vegi called asparagus. it is nice to eat....with spaghetti also nice

  2. looks like it was a fantastic holiday ya..good food and great company..are those tears in your eyes? if so..dont be sad ya...good memories are meant to be cherished. u'll live to have even more :)