Monday, March 15, 2010

Birmingham II

Journey continued to Birmingham
So here I am!
Tis place has given me such a vivid impression
I m pretty sure it has etched in my heart & mind
I met so much great things there
& Great ppl too!!

Dragging my bag all the way
Isnt fun!
It was kinda tired ok!

Elroy's room


Ji Yan's
Sloppy staircase

I feel like I am HOME!!!

This is the best part
They put all their *smelly* socks on top of heater
Smell is flowing everywhere!!

Peaceful Perry Barr :)

Pitiful poor Elroy & them
There wasnt a proper CNY celebration
Its alright, U will have us next year!

It is a surprise for me to see this
I couldnt believe tis!
An Islamic Mosque!


I Love This!

Can U imagine the size of this Church!

Aaaah.. Relief!
I m done with this post
Next post is gonna be..
The special Meals I got from them!
It tastes the best!! :P
Till then..~ C ya!


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