Friday, March 12, 2010

Cheers Mate!

***Underground Piccadilly Train Service
I arrived kinda early..
Flight touchdown 0525hrs
Caught this train to Green Park

Sun Rise
So is my Mood! Excited, no doubt!

***Green Park Station

I was quite a screamer in my mind
OMG! I am here now in London!!!

I gotta wait..
Elroy will only be arriving after another 5 hours???
Freezing cold.. Help me...
Was thinking to save money though
Didnt change much UK pounds!
I wanted to make tis a budget trip!!
Thinking bout 5 hours.. I better save my life!
Starbuck.. U r my HERO at this moment!!

Finally can take off the super thick jacket
Enjoying my coffee

5 hours man..
I need another 1 more!
& here he comes!
Finally I see my BFF Elroy!

***Town Hill Station
I look so weird in this pic :(
It has a signature
The Tower!

Since we cant check in yet
Gotta grab something to eat
is one of the most popular fastfood restaurant in England
My beloved Elroy super best fren!
Tis baby could be cute, could be scary too!!
Met her during check-in in this Inn

60 pounds a nite
Suck ur blood quicker than Vampire!

I often tell myself..
I am reali in London?
1 min ago I was in KL still.. lolx

White.. White..
I like White!!
Love tis pic
With pigeon fllying around :)

This it is!
London Tower Bridge

Elroy said
Its gonna be even more breathe taking at nite time
Yea.. We R gonna come back later!

Tell me U love this London Tower as much as I do :)

***Piccadilly Circus
It is a town area
More ppl!
Believe it or not?!

China town!!

Here is something special
They don pay for newspaper
Get it for FREE!!!

Nice shot!!!
I did tis!!!
& We R now located at National Gallery
Oops...!!! Zoom it!!!
He wasnt kissing me
He was smiling, cant U see?!?!

Kill me pls...
Tis view is superb!

Words cant reali describe
Look at my facial expression
It tells everything :)

Next episode
More stunning pic!


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