Friday, March 12, 2010

Dawn to Night London

***Golden Jubilee Bridge
It looks greater than just a bridge
It has connection with London Eye & London Big Ben Castle
But it doesnt look Golden yea.. LOLX

London Eye
Malaysia has one too
Eye on Malaysia hahhaha
Air jet scratched thru the sky
It looks reali good
A fine piece of Art

There is this funny dude
Half naked in -3 degree weather!!
Funny show he did!!!

Ppl there do nothing but queue-ing up
Dying for this London Eye

Big Ben Castle

It is 6pm & I am in London!
Love its Pinkie + Orangie sky :)

Looking delicious!!!
Plus my favourite chili paste
Warm my stomach!!
For those who is interested, must take a look!
Back to London Tower Bridge

Its just grand

Back to Inn
Need beer to warm up my stomach

Best fren best fren!!!

To save cost?
Instant noodle!
Its been almost 6 months Elroy didnt have Malaysia's instant noodle
He said he missed it so much :)

Next station: Birmingham
I have produced few post in a day
Will do it 2molo or perhaps 2nite bout Birmingham soon :)


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