Sunday, March 21, 2010

Departure DaY

Its hard to believe
I was about to leave Birmingham
For I had so much fun at time
I need to put them behind & move on with my life
It was reali heavy for me to leave!

How ironic.. The day when I arrived Birmingham
Elroy said there is not much in Birmingham
A day or two I could have explored all
We were both wrong! It was so happy to stay in Birmingham!

Last breakfast in Birmingham
I couldnt smile much :(
Time to leave..
Still can smile?
I am such an animal..
Hugges Pennee & Ji Yan before I left
Tears dropped immediately!
Like a fountain!
Thank you.. Thank you.. I whispered with tears
Trying to act strong
I know its time to leave..
Hugged Elroy before boarded the Bus to London
2nd time I cried..
Such a cry baby! I told myself
Sitting in the bus
Memories of these few days just wont leave me alone
3rd time sob sob..
How to describe that happiness?
It touches my heart so deeply

Dragging my bag
All the way from Victoria Station to Underground Train Station
Straight to Heathrow Terminal 4

Hungry again!
Aww.. I missed their cookings :(
Scone.. Pasta!!

Something for me to keep!
I didnt change this coins back to Malaysia Ringgit

Time to checked in!
I finally can check in my bag
Waited for 3 hours though!

Aaaaah!! Very hungry!!!
Snack for myself!
Cold does reali make u hungry
I have 3 hours before boarding
Went to tis station
Just to hang around, enjoy my last moment in London

England, I am gonna miss U!

Haha.. Fried chicken!
I just cant stop myself from eating though lolx

Best Spicy Fried Chicken!!
Oh yes!
5 and 7!
7th of May, my birthday :)

Before boarding
I called someone..
I couldnt speak! I could just merely make some soft replies
Tears just couldnt stop!
Boarded the aircraft finally
See this Black?
Her total dark ass with her white undies.. lolx
Aircraft is gonna take off..
Again I cried..
How I wish I could stay back..
Forget bout everything in Malaysia..
Continue my life in UK!
It is total 11088 KM in between London & KL
I fell asleep after crying tat much
Heart pounding uneasily..

Time to eat!
Haha! Favourite time isnt it? lolx

Light Meal before Landing

I have this benefit!
To take KLIA transit, I paid only 15 MYR! :)

Let me recall
How did I feel after arrival
My parents waited for me at KL Sentral
Was actually the whole family
I acted fine, didnt show much response
Told them I was tired but in fact I was reali unhappy
I missed everything in Birmingham

It took me a while to text
I was thinking.. Should I just forget bout everything in UK?
I mean, I am here now in Malaysia
The place I was born, The place I am gonna have my life with
Yes, I cannot deny it at all, I had so much fun in Birmingham
& I met U.. Someone who made me so so happy
Someone who has changed my point of view towards life!
I text in a normal manner, I didnt wish for any reply though
I was telling myself, I am nothing to him though he means alot to me
I shall talk bout tis the next post

Bout tis Uk trip, it was short but yet colourful
So many ppl walked pass me, they all have a little fate with me!
For I will never go to Birmingham, never ever!
If it is not bcuz of Elroy, I will never go there!
& If I did not meet Elroy, its gonna be the biggest loss of me in my life
Tis UK trip is meaningful its bcuz of Birmingham
The person I met there & the things I had been thru with them!
Thank you all! Cheers mate!

With Love :)


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