Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Exclusively for U, Dear Elroy :)

Specially created this post for U
My Dear Elroy.. BBF!
Met him in UK, he was excited
His bright eyes can tell
He told me there is a trend here
Ppl love Super Dry this brand in Birmingham
He then mentioned bout a Jacket
With Metal strip inside, U can curve it to any shape U wan to

It isnt cheap, for sure!
He said he is gonna participate more contest
If he could be the winner, he would treat himself with this Jacket
With Pennee's help, we found the Jacket
Branded by River Island, not Popular in Malaysia though
It is 49.99 pounds! Which is most likely MYR 250 - 3o0
Seriously.. I have never got myself any clothing worth more than MYR 150!

Thinking bout it..
In my life time, If my best fren is not in Birmingham
I will never take up my bravery
Fly all the way alone to UK
It has come with this kind of Classic Red Ink Chop
It shows its notable difference from the others
He did not give much response though
Just kept trying n trying
Yea He is the one
Elroy, The Metal Strip Jacket Model!

He is away from Malaysia for almost 7 months for now
Back then Me & Evon were worried
Will our frenship last? Or just break apart?
Though we did not reali chat alot thru internet
It seems like.. I know my Best Fren will be always there
I feel safe and I am not worried :)
Instead, it is wat a blissful thing to have such a best fren!

Mayb U should reali check out tis Video Clip
I did it before he is gone to UK
It's alright though, he is coming back soon!

Dear Elroy, I hope U reali love that Jacket!
Miss U much!


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