Thursday, March 4, 2010

Lil Preparation

Oh man.. I am leaving to London soon!
Nervous.. Excited, all mixed up!
Its not the 1st time travel rite?
But it is my 1st time travel ALONE!
Wat do U expect?!?!

Chill!!! Chill~~
Finish this post 1st
Mayb I will feel better :)

As U can see kan
Its just MYR 487
3 Free Tickets each year, paying only the Airport Tax
Tis time, I claimed only 1 ticket for myself
Wat a great job!!!
Recognise tis place?
Yea.. Sunway it is!
Went out dinner with Wayne & Ivy
Despite the whole day working..
Tired.. Tired..
CNY fever still on
I like those light!

Gong Hei Fatt Choy~
Money Money come!!
Decided to visit this
Ivy's innocent pose hahhaha!!

Who knows........
F**K it!!!Its alright
Lets have a little light one
I told Ivy bout Miss Green T
Yummy Yummy!!!
Cannot resist!!
Each of us only 1 piece
No choice.. Economy down!!

See what R they holding?
Ivy orders 3 more pieces
Wayne orders 6 more pieces..
Taking back home!!!
I told U, it is delicious!!

Our real dinner

Ham Roll~
WuDon Mee
Frech Toast
Stir Fried Black Pepper Pork slices with Spaghetti
My Love!!!
Lovely housemates
I hug them before I dropped them home
I am gonna miss 2 of U
Thank you for all the wishes :)

Back to Kepong
Another round with Evon
We were chatting with Elroy
We miss him!!
Elroy Elroy~

While I was putting myself drunk
With the whole bottle of White Wine
Was going crazy
Hot Chick!!
Wat a pic!!

The next day..
Midvalley, another round of preparation
A hot chick with Hot Dog stick
Wat can U imagine??

Yea.. I like this pic
I look younger alot hahha!!
This is wat I am saying..
Little Preparation!~

Bank of England
In my pocket now :)

My preparation is not just bout myself
I care for my frens.. I don know how to explain
A little gathering with Wayne & Ivy
A light dinner perhaps can soothe their heart
Cuz I will be away for 10 days

With Evon? Drunken Master Nite
Midvalley Movie
& She will come helping me 2molo to pack my stuff
She is always awesome!

This time, I am traveling alone
I need to do everything by myself
Information, documents bla bla bla..
Mentally isnt prepared yet
I gotta finish all by 2molo

Visited Elroy's mama today
She needed my help to send something to Elroy
Casual chatting, receiving belated CNY ang pau
She often showed her eyes in Red while we talked bout Elroy
Sigh, I was tearing a bit actually
I see a lovely mother, giving out herself without any condition
Gonna talk deeper bout tis next time

Folks.. I am tired..
My body is tired but my mind keeps flickering
Pls.. Make it stop! I'll be fine!!!
I am gonna enjoy Maximum!!
London Bridge, London Eyes~

p/s: Enjoy Ur Holidays!!


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