Friday, March 12, 2010

New Day in London

***South Kensington District Line Station
We R about to explore
The National Museum

Side view is grand enough!

Very classic
England Telephone booth

Huhu some notti stuff inside!
Call me for service! hahaha

Huge one!

Opening Ceremony by The Queen!

Bye Bye Travelodge
Heading to Birmingham!!!

Haha.. tis is so fun!

Nothing different but the price is...
Huge difference!

***Victoria Bus Station
SF is a brand?
Evon's name!! Oh We met Evon in Bus Station

Cant wait to see Birmingham!!!

It is so cute!
Look closer?

This is so cool man!!!
I can make a living in UK too by playing tis

This guy is from Romania
Couldnt speak English well
So nice of him letting me taking pic of his instrument
He said he is going to Liverpool

No longer after this.. I will be arriving to Birmingham
The place where I left most of my foot prints
I missed it so much.. till tis very moment
I met something/someone real real good..
It is gonna affect my whole life I guess..

Before talking bout Birmingham
Lets rewind a bit..
See more of these pic!

Thank you for viewing so far
Gonna jump to Birmingham on my next post

Weird pose.. :P


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