Friday, March 12, 2010

Prelude : Hi Ya UK

I am back
"Your country is so HOT"
Back then in UK, it was fucking cold
-3 degree all the way.. Freeze my balls into ice cube
Its great to be back :)

***Home in Kepong
Speaking bout preparation
It is kinda last minute though
Chuck in everything that I need lolx

This check in bag might look a little big
In fact, it is not tat spacious
If u notice carefully
My underwear is on the floor too hahhaha!
Was able to see Evon before I leave
Gonna miss U my dear
Elroy is hoping she is coming along
Not tis time mayb..
It still wont change the fact that Evon is always our sweetheart
Put on my Jacket
Look more proper :P
Aaah.. Cant believe it
I am gonna travel alone tis time!
Lovely sister :)

***KL Sentral
Papa dropped me at the entrance
I know I am gonna miss all of them

Still have time for self portrait

I swear to GOD
Tis is my 1st time taking train to KLIA
There R 2 Trains
Transit Train & Express Train
I didnt even know that
I can actually check-in my bag here in KL Sentral
Haha.. I am so innocent!!!
During check-in my bag
Met some nasty ppl
Reali no manners!!
Don spoil my travel mood pls!!!

Definitely not an Aisle Seat
Its alright still lolx

***KLIA Transit Train

Often looking at it
Feeling curious.. How it is like in UK??
I am gonna take lots of pic!

***KLIA, KL International Airport

Its kinda empty in the airport
Its after CNY.. it seems normal though

Taking Transit Train to the bay

This is the aircraft!
Beoing 747-400
It is the biggest aircraft in Malaysia Airlines
It flies to London, Amsterdam, Cape Town only
See all whites??
Asian could be just me alone!
Cant wait to go inside aircaft..
Freaking sleepy.. I hate waiting!

***B747-400 In Flight

Spacious Aircraft
Personal Screen :P
As a passenger.. Always read this Safety Card
Embrace urself the evacuation
It is reali important!!
Huhu.. Lavatory = Toilet
It is not reali bigger alot though
I thought compare to those smaller aircraft
It could be slightly bigger
Lolx.. Every inches in Aircraft is money!
Makan Makan!!
Enjoy ur meal :P
I always love this dessert!
Great presentation!
KUL - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
LHR - London Heathrow, England
The black area shows it is Nite Time
While bright area shows the Day Time
Started our journey..
It is gonna take 13 hours plus

Fly over so many unknown city
It is awesome seriously
See the icon? Its getting closer & closer
I can feel my heart beat is playing its drum!

Another 27 mins
Here I present
Mdm. Cindy :)
She is a grandma already! Having 1 Kid & 2 grandkids
Reali a sweet lady, thank U for showing me information bout UK

***London Heathrow

Welcome to London Heathrow
U r bout to enter the UK border :)

Taking trains to town
Terminal 4, London Heathrow!
U r using Piccadilly Line
I am going to Green Park to meet Elroy!
4.50 Pounds.. Expensive!!!

Stories to be continued
Trying to edit all the pic
Be patient!!!! :)

The beautiful London Towel Bridge :)


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