Friday, March 26, 2010

Rewind it back! Pls!

I will always remember these days
I am so glad that I would have met U in my life
Definitely is a joke from Fate
I met U & I gotta leave U behind
I have a sense of guilt buried deep down my heart
I promise U
U will always have the best wishes from me
U would be the last person tat I would even think of to hurt in tis life

I am not a pet lover
Never I am
But I love them so much!
I remember U chased them away when they got too close to me
I wasn't afraid, I was actually enjoying myself with them
They R so sweet
Lucy, Annie & Jess :)
The present I got it from U
It may look insignificant
To me? It is the most precious toy that I would carry around
Check on me! I put them in my sling bag
The smell of Diesel & the fabric smell
It is almost gone by now
I just smell them all over again :(
Remember tat nite in The Village?
I never thought that I would be able to visit any pub in UK
It was a fun nite with all the Hypnosis :P
U was asking me Y would I wear that kind of earring
U showed me Urs, oh yes! It is blinking I know!
Little diamond? :p
U gave me one of them.. My heart was like totally meltedSee that from my pic?
Not just the diamond earring
Is the sadness of mine :(
It been 16 days since I left
Even if I could forget bout all this
I would choose to retain the part that I met U in UK
May fate grants us more opportunities
I'll definitely see U again! :)I got this finally for myself
iPod Touch the 2nd generation which is the SLIM one!
Yuuhuu~ Its not that expensive though
MYR 779, U can afford one too!
Using tis, remind me of U
U added me in FB by tapping ur iPhone 3GS :P

I got it via online purchase
Free engraving
Not that clear isnt it?
A pic by my sister
Her twisted shape eyes makes her look like a ghost lolx
The main thing is the word
Circean L.O.V.E
Call me silly, I just wan something that feels like U
Yea.. LOVE tis word definitely able to do its job :P
Something else to share when I was in UK
The download speed can be tat crazily fast!
It was up to 1.6MB, wonder would it go even more faster? lolx

Back from Vacation
I have worked my ass off
Lack of sleep, Jet lagging, whatever..
Been to few places, taken few pics
Gonna blog more bout it the next post.

At the mean time.. Go back to sleep!
I love my days off!!! :)

Coming schedule
Miri 1 nite
Taipei 2 nites!


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