Friday, March 26, 2010

Update of 16 LONG days :)

Back from UK
Everything seems a little weird
Y am I feeling so HOT?
Sweating.. Bright SunShine!
Even weird when I drive on the road
Traffic Trauma & F**King Hot!!!
I prefer taking Train & Bus lolx

Labuan Nite :)

Junnie Lee :)
Syamsul, flew with him the 2nd time :)
My Leading

Labuan? Chicken Wing of course!
It was a Saturday nite
Supposedly going for Clubbing!
But I chose to go online & chatted with Steve :P

Perth flight!
Look at her! So tall!!!
Slim girl!!!!
Oh Yes!
My batch girl~!!!
Lay Yen :)
1st time flying with her
So happy & excited!
We were assigned to work under a same zone!
Wish comes true!!! :)
Love her eyes!
Truly asian :)

This lady, her name is? Oops I forgot
I wanted to thank her
She makes me feel like I am truly someone good in service :P
She wrote me a long complimentary letter :)
She was having her air-sick moment
I reali cared for here, gave her pills & something
Before she disembarked from the aircraft, she asked to see me
She hugged me! Aww.. Tat was sweet :)
Bad thing! Not ideal!!
We need to pax back.. Just a turnaround flight from Perth
Seen the Perth? Yes! The Perth International Airport ONLY!

She is such a lovely stewardess :)

This moment reminds me of my flight from London
Miss UK everything!

A short Nite with batchmates :)
Eenaz & Ivy

Nothing much, just chit chatting
& of course gossip to the maximum!
The best part is, we hang out till 11pm
The next day I will be flying with Eenaz!
Pick up was 04.30am! Crazy!!!

BKI Daily flight :)
My pretty Eenaz & Simon the new crew~!
Happy to fly with her
So pretty!!! Very happening!!
We have something in common though
Both very open minded & extrovert :)
Simon, good luck for this career!

Canton, crazy long hour flight!
Okie.. this is my Leading on this flight
Well, he is cool & funny
Very cheerful!
Stop it.. Don do tis!!!

Another Canton, I am gonna die flight :(
Thanks to him!
Othman! Reali helpful!
Pretty stewardess :)
U might not be photogenic
But U R one of the coolest Leading I've ever seen!
U R always pretty alright!! :)

I am doing real fine recently
Though flight was reali tiring
I couldnt have enough time to rest
Still feeling real happy & contented for every day :)

I got my iPod Touch
Got my normal ATM card changed to Debit Card
American Express MYR 8k limit credit card approved
Got my ID in Apple Store & enable me to download all the apps
Weight dropped 4 KG that fast
Next month roster is gonna be 2 Shanghai 2 Beijing 1 Delhi & 1 Kuching
Aaaah I am just so happy with my life now :)

So everyone out there
Pls enjoy ur life to the fullest!
May my happiness bless U too ^^

Alway happy!!!

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