Monday, April 12, 2010

Busy Busy Busy.. Always Busy!!!

I just came back from Delhi..
Been working for 6 days
I couldnt take it anymore!
It is so so so tiring :(

Before I went for these 6 days work
I had some times to spend with my family & fren
It was a pleasure..
My mind can escape from thinking bout flights
It is one kind of stress
If U R not a flight attendant, U will never understand!

Family Monthly Dinner as usual :)
This time is a little different!

I am on diet still
This is the best meal for me :)
Dragon-i Restaurant
My 2nd time visit thru out my life
I don reali go for this kind of restaurant though
Prefer Mama's cooking always :)
This is a so called MUST eat
Dumpling with a cute name
Small Dragon Bun!
Milky soup
Chicken with a strong gravy
The name is 3 Cups Chicken
Most probably 3 types of spice
Marinated Beans
My favourite!
For my mama
Pan Fried Carrot Cake
Reali fattening!
This is the difference this time
I got my Credit Card in the end!!!
American Express from Maybank
Gold Card :)
Gosh.. I spend again!
But for my family, it's alright though :)
Look at the list
It is kinda long though lolx

Lets talk bout Credit Card
As far as I am concerned
I have been applying credit card 3 years back
None of the bank approve mine!
Most probably bcuz of my low basic
But then I wonder
Low Basic + Allowance, I earn even more than a normal office dude
Wat is so wrong with a low basic?
UOB, MBB & even CIMB rejected my application!
There was a day, an unfrenly operator called me
She told me MBB is offering me a credit card
Went thru some details & after 1 week
I got my Amex Gold Card by Maybank!
Thanks thanks! :)
I promise I will never spend like a headless chicken
I don reali spend anyway ^^

A nite with my dear Evon
Plus to introduce a semi fruit semi vegetable "snack"

Set up by my Mama
We R gonna drink hard liqours
To mix with Pepsi/7up or any other fattening carbonated drink
I better choose 100 plus :P
With small Mandarin Orange
& also this Semi Fruit Semi Vegetable "snack"
Well.. Obviously I do not know its name!
With Vodka & Gin
Gin tastes real bad!
I prefer Vodka
White wine pls?
I am the best Bar Tender!
Gin + 100 Plus, garnished with Mandarin Orange + Lime

Bout this Snack
It is a part of Lotus
Wait let me check
It has got to be there!
Lotus seeds or lotus nuts are the seeds of plants in the genus Nelumbo, particularly the species Nelumbo nucifera. The seeds are of great importance toEast Asian cuisine and are used extensively in traditional Chinese medicine and in Chinese desserts. The seeds are most commonly sold in the shelled and dried form. Fresh lotus seeds are relatively uncommon in the market except in areas of lotus root and seed production, where they are sometimes sold as a raw snack.
Yes tis is the one!
Love it!

Dear Evon
Sorry for that boring nite
Nothing much serious happened recently
I talked lesser but it doesnt mean that I don enjoy ur accompaniment
Love talking to U all the time
Bestie forever!

I didnt feel like going out
I threw myself to bed after arrival
& slept whole day & nite
Woke up, there was a msg saying that our flight had been delayed
So no choice, I went out with crew for lunch
A real fattening lunch!

Long bean fried with OIL
Prawn fried with OIL
Egg plant fried with OIL
this tofu is the maximum OIL TANK
Ok my crews were real bad
They made me shared the cost with them
While I did not even try any single bite of this
Infamous Peking Duck!
Look at its crispy duck skin!!
AaaaAaAaaaaaahhhh I would love to swallow if I were not on diet!
How I wish I am not on diet!!!!
Cool them!
Reali nice senior crews member :)
Going to Beijing again on 15th
I wont take this kind of meal again
Perhaps its been a while I did not touch oily foods
I was having a serious diarrhea
& I am so happy!
Thru out my effort, I have slimmed down for 6 KG within 1 month
Congratulations to myself :)

I have Delhi pic
Aaaah.. Lazy to edit them right now
I will do it 2molo mayb
Time to have some rest
Just a day off for me before another 5 days working
Oh man.. Kill me pls!
Money Money.. I wan Money!!!
2nite I am gonna have Beers with Evon
Lets get ourselves drunk & forget bout whatever shit
Cheers to this wonderful life! :)


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  1. it's very interesting to have a job which brings u here and there around the world! :)

    P.S. first time around. nice to meet u.