Friday, April 23, 2010

Delhi Bollywood

This is about New Delhi
Nothing special
Same old "fragrance" Delhi
Its Saifu's 1st time in Delhi
He seems so excited though!

Saifu Saifu
Happy? Finally U R in Delhi!

It was so hot
Almost 40 degree
& It is so usual, everyone sweats like hell
But! Imagine those armpits from local?
Aaaaaaahh... The whole aroma in Delhi was like.....!!

Briyani Rice
Looking tempting
But I am still on diet!!
This is their Rota Canai
My God.. So best!
After meal Mint
I don like it at all!
Anand Restaurant
Specialist: Chicken Briyani
It sounds like U R in a Specialist Clinic
Yea.. They R so professional!

Connaught in Cheras, Malaysia :P
Stop by at Petrol Station
Something weird happened!
The car in front perhaps could not start its engine
& how awesome
They don use HAND to push
Instead, a van to BANG pushing
There was a small curve in front
I can see Y is Delhi's car so so so "wounded"
U guyz just don love Ur car isnt it? lolx
& the guy who is talking over phone
Indian Oil.. lolx
Cant U have any other proper name?
I have never seen any Malaysia Petro Station using MALAYSIAN OIL though
Even we R one of the country producing Petroleum!
Haha.. This kid!
Stop doing it!!! Gross!!
U have tat much of GOLD is the hole??
My crews were staring at him
& He got angry!! hahahha!!!
OMG.. So funny!!!

My eyes.. R seriously so small!!
I was having burning lips
I look so ugly here!!
May I have a glass of Juice pls?
Oh yes.. Take it all U can!!
Sky Juice!!

Happy to work with them :)
Crews R the one who matter the most when U fly!

There was a Bollywood JUNIOR crew
He was seriously having attitude problem
Plus he was fucking Lazy!!!
Aaaaah If I could
I would have slaughtered him into pieces!!!

Everyone has his own duty to perform inside the aircraft
Either 1 party being lazy or does not know how to work
It would bring troubles to others!
How could U being so selfish?
Keep talking to passenger & ignoring the fact tat other passengers
Were keep pressing their DING DONG DING DONG
They want drinks, they want peanuts everything!
& U could just ignore all of them & leave it to me!
Excuse me, I am not from ur zone but I have to cover ur job?
In the end, U got complimentary letters from passenger bcuz u PR with them
Wat bout all of us?
U R seriously an asshole bastard!!!!!
Watch out!! I will not give Mercy next time!!!

Phew, enough of releasing
I got a great news
I m going to Hong Kong & Osaka next month!
1st time to Japan! I am excited :)
Will update my blog again soon
Many pics with me, need to edit!
Good day peoples!



  1. enjoy a lot of nice food there =D

  2. Osaka?! wah~ can eat a lot of great food, so nice being a steward...

  3. It seems not bad at all to fly with MH...maybe its time for me to re-consider a change of airline coz its saddening to be based away from KL ='( safe flights!!