Sunday, April 4, 2010

Discover the Beauty of Miri, Sarawak :)

I've checked my next month roster
Mostly domestic Nite Stop
Feeling kinda.. Imbalance!
Mutual swapping with crews now, hopefully all will be approved!
If it is gonna approved, I'll b visiting Beijing, Shanghai & Delhi :)

Alright, recent nite in Miri, Sarawak
Miri, not a familiar place & yet unknown
Google bout Miri, it says
is a city in northern Sarawak, Malaysia, on the island of Borneo. Miri is the second largest city in Sarawak.

& I am surprised! Miri is such a beautiful city though :)

Yea, it does look Kampung anyway
Trees & Mountains & Beaches everywhere
Rural it is
At the back yard of hotel
There is a breathe taking swimming pool
Walk inner a bit
Here it lies a piece of Land
Where connected to Beach :)

These sands R seriously fleecy
Slip thru ur fingers when U touch them :)
A restaurant located in the middle of sea
I wonder would it be expensive to have even a drink there?
I wish this is my house
Wait a second, I could be seriously DARK if I stay here too often!
Better not :P
As usual :)
My name! Crason^^

The sea breeze is so so hot!
But I just couldn't lift my foot
I love this view so so much!
Crab hole
Not ass hole :P
This could be slightly bigger in size Crab
Small crabs?
They roll sand into balls
How cute :)

It is soothing
To just looking at the sea
Thinking bout nothing
Definitely smoking too!
I want that house!!!

My 1st Jumping shoot :P
Hope it does look vibrant!
Yea.. I forgot
Walking across those plants
U will get this!
I do not know its name
& I thank god cuz I was wearing a covered shoes
Or else its gonna hurt!

Lolx.. Self portrait :P
Acting cute! lolx

Went out dinner with her
A pretty Malay stewardess
Yea.. I did see even whites travel here for vacation
Malaysian? I guess we will think of traveling in Miri
Marina Sea Horse Bistrol & Restaurant

I am having my diet moment
This is my meal :)
Seafood with mixed Vege
Tauke with salted fish
Its fulfilling!
Aaaahhh!! When can I have all those deep fried foods again?
Sunset is approaching

How beautiful!

My bad!
This shoot is supposed to be overwhelming!

Got a help from a photographer
This is so damn nice!

Sunset is over
Its a total dark now
Time to head back to room
Playing with my iPod Touch
I found where U stay Steve!
This is where I stay :)
This shows the picture!
Yes rite! Ur house is a corner house!
I miss Ur puppies!
Lucy Annie & Jess :)
Love her much!
My pretty Leading Stewardess Daphanie :)
U R so so pretty!

I am seriously satisfied for what happened recently
How perfect is this life!
Papa said I must be humble
Appreciate each day & L.O.V.E each day :)
Thanks to those around me
Love U guyz alot alot! :)



  1. Sunset's simply breathtaking...and with your musical accompaniment serenading me to sleep...simply heaven:)