Friday, April 2, 2010

Evon, U R the BEST!

Evon got a golden opportunity
To promote her unique mask
She has been doing it for like 2 years?
Reali successful!

Back from Canton flight
Tired like.. U just wan to dump urself into a coffin
& die as long as U wan urself to
No way! I must attend this fashion show!

Scene was placed in here
Ppl R placing their queue
Media Press
They were all there!
See this guy?
He was wearing Evon's mask :)

Erhm.. I am reali a nut for any sense of fashion
Feeling kinda weird to look at them :P
Yea this is my beloved Evon
On the left is Sarah :)

Everyone smoked like no body business
It was full of smoke!
Very hazy!
Beers were free!
Hoho.. U may drink until U die!!!
Oh yeah~

We were seated behind the Bar area
Tell me, what is this so called VIP seat?
Fashion show was on going
Cant reali see it clear
Everyone squeezed themselves in the center
Well, I don reali wish to smell anyone's armpit though
Okie.. Freak!
The theme was Pajamas Nite
Do U seriously wear like tis to bed?
Or U R actually exaggerating it?
Self protrait :)

Can U imagine they even served Nasi Lemak!
Gosh...! I am on diet!!!!
Don Care! Just a nite
It wont harm much rite? lolx
Literally swallow the whole Nasi Lemak!
Another one..
To the girl on right
U R the one who would probably cause a straight turn to gay!
Freaking weird & Scary!
Finish + Licking fingers!
To get into tis Fun Pub
Pls ensure U have this with U :)
Dessert time?
Or it was actually a kind of appetizer?
Yummy yummy!!!

Vampire version
Love it!
Tiring flight + Empty stomach
I was kinda drunk already!
Sexy legs :P
Evon U R so sexy!!
OOps.. pls don mind me Evon
I will turn straight for U!
Aaah.. I forgot
My ass is more tempting
Might as well I stay gay then lolx
Collection of Masks
Not suitable?
Guess so
Erhm.. Fish?
Wat is the name of it?
This is perfect!
Love it!
Lolx.. how to describe?
Angelic mask? lolx

U R the Best
I guess U know tat!
Aaaah.. Don mind the stupid ass manager
He was just making use of your talent
To run his own fashion nite
The main thing is.. U got into NTV7!
I am so so so proud of U!
Though I don reali understand the beauty of Art
But U make it all right to my eyes :)

Keep it up, keep going :)
No harm to bang walls sometimes
Its gonna make U stronger always!
There is no TOUGH challenges forever
ONLY TOUGH ppl stay strong Forever
& I knew it, U would be the tough one always :)

Much Much Love!
I love this nite
U truly made my day :)


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