Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Taipei, my 3rd time :)

Its my 3rd time to Taipei
& I wonder who was the genius who changed our hotel to this hotel
Far end of Train station
Not as convenient as our old hotel
Well, location is not the problem
The main concern is bout ppl U fly with :)

1st time flying with her
OMG.. I guess I have fallen for her
She has tat kind of aroma.. I cannot resist :)
Felix, my Co Pilot for this Taipei flight
Shy guyz.. Obviously :P

The 6th time flying with him!
Oh God.. We have so much fate together!
Taipei is full of foods
These things R so normal there
Piggie Ears
Do U like them? lolx
Yuck.. It looks so.. aaawww
Intestine is good though!
Fattening Pork!

So this is the infamous 101 Mall
Able to capture picture bout it tis time :)
We need to take bus
For like 15 mins to reach this small town

Small OLD town instead
Not as lively as those days where we stay!!
Taipei City Hall is the station
We need to take train to go shopping!!!

This is where we always go
Easy access, lots of selections :)
The day of departure
Our aircraft has no Aerobrigde!
Need driver to send us to Opened Bay
Tis is Boeing 747, it has a small winglet & an upper deck
This should be Airbus
& our lovely Malaysia Airlines Boeing 737-400 :)
Jass.. I love U!!!

Its fun.. 4 of us R chinese!
This is what I got from Taipei!
A pouch worth MYR 90.00
Look cool?
No? I will kill U!!!
Pls say YES :)
I even have my iPod laminated
Half transparent, still able to see the engraving
Circean L.O.V.E
C'est la Vie
Silver based
Cool Cool Cool!!!

My 2 days off is gonna finished today
AAaaahhh.. I need more days off
After this gonna work 6 days in a row!
Beijing & Delhi.. I am coming!!

Evon said something reali meaningful last nite
Its hard to translate to English, rhythm might change
I try my best :)

I've changed, its mainly because of U
Well, don get me wrong, I did not change for U
Lolx.. I hope I make it right ^^


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