Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Oops it is 25th!

Been away for quite sometimes
Not gonna deny the fact that I am fucking lazy
Endless work makes me drowsy
Calender shows 25th
My 2 days off R gonna depleted soon
Lets rewind the tape & see what was going on!

Oh I remember this flight
on 9th May, 2 days after my Birthday
So glad so glad, I flew with them
Yu Jin Ming, a China crew
Zumandie Leong
Leading Stewardess Azren
It was a midnight flight
Upon Sun Rise approaching
It looks like a straight line Rainbow

Kenneth Liew
My housemate's BF

Would like to add something here
Out of 10 of them, I know 5 of them
Oh and he is a Malaysian studying in Shanghai
His name is Yuen :)
Dinner in Shanghai
Nothing is greater than its local Beers!
Fried Egg + Tomato

Sesame Oil + Fish Fillets
Pork Intestine
Egg Plant, I don like this!
Unknown delicious Soup
Too many dishes? I believe so
We were still hungry though
Pork! With lots of Fat!
Aaaah, must have this again!
Flowers R coming out during Spring
Situated in room 705
7th May is my birthday
Tat's just great!

It has never been easy to fly with someone U know
For we have like more than 4 thousand crews
It is strange that whenever U fly with new faces
U could probably forget/forgot bout that person
Unless he/she has done/said something impressive
Oh well, impressive? It could be bad or good too
No wonder Evon said
It takes no second chance to impress the same person
1st impression always count
I feel like adding this phrase
Who exactly gives us the right to judge anyone?
Before we truly get to know that person?

I was in Midvalley
On which date? Let me think
Oh yes, it was 13th May
Met up with Grace
An insurance agent from AIA
My Ex-Boss though :)
Another celebration for my belated birthday
How sweet :)
Been taking lots of food
Dare not to taste others but something not so fattening
Ceasar Salad with CHEESE FLAKES (not fattening?)
PAN FRIED Salmon fillet (not fattening?)

Lovely Grace
Thanks for the lunch
It has been almost 2 years since I last saw her :)
After lunch, met up with Nichole
Starbucks Coffee + Movie
Gotta admit that I teared a bit
Not that the movie was great, just wanted to let out my lonely feeling
Learned something from it
When Love comes, Y don U give it a try?
Never resist Love but..
What if that person is FAT? UGLY? SMELLY?
Thought we shall call it a day
Ended up continued with Carlmen in G6
A glass or two Whisky
Time to get back to work :)

It was not my shirt
Not even my pant!
Can U see those roots?
Different from Malaysia definitely
This may be unable to tell where was I exactly
Aaaah.. I hate this
I look so lousy with this clothing!
Here is the hint :)
Japanese crew, Yuiko
Y do I look so ROUND in this pic?
Another Japanese crew, Atsuko
Was asking for direction to go for cheap shopping
Waitress kneed down to talk to us
That's a little.. Overwhelming, agree?
Staying here in Bellevue Garden Hotel

Yes need not to guess further
I was in Osaka, Japan
Took train out all by myself to get clothes
Y did I need to go shopping?
Will explain in detail later
I thought all Japanese Students look stunning charming?
My my.. Apparently it is not all of them!

Iharanosato Station
Looking for a shopping centre with its name Daiei
Out of my pictures Collection
I love this pic from Osaka the most :)
Got myself dressed up in a proper way
I came to this small temple

I cant read Japanese! But it is definitely a temple
Oops, was I not being respectful?
Smoking in front of this Blessed Tree

Love its structure of building!

Love it love it!!!

Had my own little fun
Time to head back
I was really tired after a 6 hours & 30 minutes flight

Bumped into Japanese student again!
Okie.. I got it
U love to PEACE don U?

Bought boxers for myself
Sandal for my sister
Camwhore moment!

I did not have Laptop with me
Desperately wanted to go online
This log house is Crew Lounge?
How authentic!
Double story lolx

I went to room with disappointment
They do not provide any computer with internet access here
Fine.. Boring Hotel!

Slept a while & went out for a little walk
Check this out
Love this Restaurant so so much!
Definitely not printed out
They wrote it for sure!
Even drawings too!
Aaaah how cute :)
Met them on corridor
Can U imagine without make-up
They could look so different!!!

Oh yes, I bought this shirt for 1500 Yen
& Pant for 1990 Yen
Nothing to do in the room
Japanese cig & Beers could help alot

Anne, a reali gorgeous type of lady

Oh guyz, thanks for the flight
It was my pleasure to fly with all of U :)

Alright, time to be myself
Stop being a hypocrite
Pretending to be alright while I am still not feeling real good

On 17th Nite
My car broke down when I almost arrived Bukit Jalil
It just wont start again
Someone offered help & he said "VERY CHEAP VERY CHEAP"
Asked for RM 80 - 100 to tow my car
Excuse me, I was not asking for someone to tow my car
Plus my car was parked in Apartment Parking lot
How R U gonna tow it out?
When there R at least 2 twisting in & out and it is located at 2nd floor?
Then another genuine guy appeared
He came with the equipment I need which he borrowed from his fren
Charged my car's battery which was totally depleted
Followed me back to Kepong
On our way, my car stopped again
Re-charged & finally we arrived at the workshop my papa trusted
He then sent me home & he went back to his place
He did not ask for anything.. I was so touched!
How could such a nice guy still alive on this earth?
I thought all nice guys R dead?
Let me quote his word
"it just how we treating others and we will get the same in return"
Seb, thanks for helping me that nite
Much appreciated, 2molo dinner, my treat!

Lets talk bout Osaka
My checked-in bag was not delivered
Thus, I got nothing with me
No clothes, No laptop, No shoes, No No No.. Yes Nothing I had with me
Apparently, airport staffs R to be blamed
I wonder Y would HR hired some BLIND staffs
I am a crew, I will be staying for a short in Osaka
What bout if I am a passenger, a tourist who is travelling in Osaka?
& how dare the compensation was only 3500 Yen
Which is around MYR 120!!!
Now U know Y I could not explore much in Osaka?
Its fine, mayb it was just not my day
Next time Osaka will be better, promise?

Elroy is coming back soon
27th June, should be arriving bout 9pm
I could meet him with Evon in the airport
Cant wait for this moment
3 BFF in the world reunited together
Should be hugging & kissing & shed some tears
Dear, how much we miss U here
We do not want any nite without U
Welcome U back with widely opened arms!
See U soon Dear, U have lots to catch up with our stories!

Had some Ups & Downs recently
Met someone great & could not stay longer
The happiness & sadness comes & goes
I do not know how should I feel for all these
Its like end of a day, a new chapter begins the next day
Blame me for being silly
I did wish to freeze the time & everything will be remained the same
How can I possibly be having a happiness today
& say goodbye to it the next day?
I don like Come & Go, I ain't Touch & Go
Is fantasy needed right now? I think the picture is crystal clear
I'll figure it out one day
I knew I would :)

Next month roster
Domestic: KK, Kuching, LBU
International: Shanghai, Singapore
Great, cant wait!

2molo? I am heading to Kaohsiung, Taiwan
Peeps, have fun with Ur life
Let's not pause & look back
Love each day :)