Thursday, May 13, 2010

Birthday + Double Mama's Day :D

It could be too early to celebrate Mama's Day
To suit my time table, No Choice man!
Make it today, shall we?
My Birthday + Earlier Mama's Day
Y did I mention DOUBLE Mama's Day?
My grandma is staying with us :)

Hakka Cuisine
We R Hakka though :)
1st time visit this Restaurant btw
The best Papa & Mama

& of course my sister!
Too bad, my brother is still in Auckland
Damn, U should be here with us!

Guess what?
The table is 86th!
Which is the year I was born!
1986... erhm... 24 now!!!

What to say?
I love U all
With my Heart & Soul

Dragon Fruit dessert
Not tasty!
Egg plant with Salted Fish
I give 60%
Yam Pancake
Portion is too small!!!
Anyway, 65%
This is.. Erhm.. Don know what is the menu says in English
Well then 50%, just normal
Though the dishes above R not that tasty
My old folks? BOK BOK BOK!!! Keep swallowing!
This is great
Mayb I love fried foods :P
Papa's Seafood noodle
Looks great
Wait.. Please wait!!!
I want to take a pic!
Papa? His mouth still chewing!
Mama? Stunning..
Popo? Haha.. Don even look at the camera!!!
Marinated Tofu with Pork meat inside
Mama says.. NO!
Okie.. Sorry then 30%

MYR 158.80
Not cheap okie!!!
Me & my sister
We both didnt even have any main meal!
Old folks were having only noodles!!!
Long bill
Dishes R more expensive than main meals
Trust me?
Mama.. Popo.. Mei Mei.. Papa..
With a little tears rolling in my eyes
U guys R the energy of my life
Giving me the meaning for tis life

Do I look like my Mama?
Or mayb my Popo?
Almost all say I look like my Papa!
Here R the stuff I got for birthday
Seriously.. Not much!
From my Hong Kong flight set of crew
Thank you so much!
From my batchmates!
Thanks Thanks!
Fancy sock
Pink??? lolx
Yea.. Top Shop!
Excuse me.. Waist 34-36" ????
Which part of me look tat fat?!?!
& my beloved Dear Evon
Put everything on
It looks so silly!!!
Haha.. I can be a Cheer Leader!
OLD ASS Muscial!

I would like to be a Millionaire
Make my family the richest in the world
Is money everything? I started to change my mind
I would like to be a Lovaire
Fill them with all the love I have in my Heart :)

Everyone has his own ability
Papa, Mama, Popo, Mei Mei..
I hope I am being a Good Son, Good Grandson & a Good Gor Gor so far
I sure did disappoint U guyz..
Please.. Forgive me..
Swear to God I did not have any intention of being bad
I have so much love in my heart
Too much love for U all
May U all Healthy, Wealthy & Happy all the time

With Love


  1. u hv a wonderful family members...
    learn to appreciate wat u hv ....
    coz its reali hard to owned a great things in our life...
    i m sure ur mama will definetely touched for the celebration^^
    and hope ur birthday dreams reali cum true ya^^

  2. Always nice to see a family bonding so well. :)
    3 Cheers!

  3. family is always the best support i could find. no matter where, and when. keep it up!

  4. so funny looking at u put every presents wear together~
    I miss my mum too ~