Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Oh Yes, My Birthday is Coming! Real Soon!

It is a good thing or a bad thing?
I am getting 24yo!!! OMG!!!
I reali cannot believe this!!
I am so fucking old!!!

I remember my conversation with Evon
When I was in my 17/18yo
I was telling myself 21,22 is OK
23 is the maximum! For those who is elder than 24 pls fuck off
Moreover those elder ass 25yo n above lolx
But now... I am gonna be 24! Gosh!
I am so sorry! My sincere apology
For me 24yo.. I am still so young in heart!

What is the implication of getting elder?
Automatically.. More responsibility comes along!
Start thinking bout getting a House
Some even think bout a Family!
Though I have only a small little Kancil
I ensure U that I am satisfied with it
Saving up to now is not sufficient enough to pay even the down payment
I need at least 2 more years to get a House
Give me some times!

Went out to The Library, The Curve tonight
Met a crew fren Michelle Ng
She is a real happy blissful lady right now
Having a Rich BF, got a new car Honda City & a new house too!
Nevertheless Diamond Ring & Diamond earrings
Envy? Not reali
I know my destiny, I am reali not someone who would get a BF easily
But I am definitely happy for her
Congratulations Michelle! :)

She was in love with an Ass Hole
A seriously Ass Hole
Turns out, she is with this Dato now
I guess she is doing so much better than before
Got myself half drunk from The Library
On my way back, I couldn't help but to think
Why? Why do we all always fall for someone who would not appreciate us?
U always love someone who depreciates U
& U always depreciate someone who truly wanted to spend his life with U?
Y can't we love someone
& that someone would love us too?
I suggest, for those who know only to depreciate U
Show them ur Middle Finger & give a BIG fuck off
U R always worthy
Worthless to waste time on those Ass Hole :)

Michelles asked me
"What is ur wish for this year?"
Oh well well, my wish is always the same!
& It will always be the same
I wish my Family from my grandparents to my family & my relatives
Always in good health & smooth in life :)
Nothing particular bout myself
Family is always more important :)
Btw, forgot to introduce
This is Yee Chean, s stewardess that always remind me of
An adorable Barbie Doll :)
She is just too pretty!

Speaking bout Family
For my ex, U don need to tell me this
I always know my family is much more important than anything
U once told me, Ur studies & family R much more important
I just feel like laughing
Oh pls.. I know it better than U do perhaps
It is just pathetic that U overlook the part where someone
Someone like me! Who is willing to do anything for our relationship
& U just let our LOVE dies in such a way
Keep it to urself, I don need to know bout it :)

Time to go, I have a big day 2molo
Morning time I need to go to MAS Support Building to renew my Ctew ID
Come back at noon I need to rest & prepare for
Nite time! Small Little BBQ Party for my earlier celebration
Gonna take pics & so on :)
Enjoy to the maximum again!
Hopefully won't be too drunk :)

p/s: U may always be egoistic
Bear in mind, it won't bring U too far away :)

Steve said he has a preset for me!
Cant wait to receive it soon!
Love each day^^



  1. happy birthday in advanced!wish u have a wiser n better year ahead.

    by d way,i know her also,nicole chai^^

  2. OMG!!! Tht ws d most sweetest and best ever blogpost i read fr today.... Many many more happy returns of the day bro... Hope u hv many many more happy years ahead of u... and hope u find a loving BF out there and like i always tell myself, there is always tht special guy out there for us... so until then, jst hang in there matey...

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