Wednesday, May 12, 2010

& Yes! Lets talk about Birthday Eve

It is now 12th May
I was having day off from 4th nite onwards till 8th
Inclusive of 4 Solid Days off
Though it seems I would be free
But I was actually having No Time for anything
Except to celebrate my Birthday
Earlier celebration until the day of my Birthday
Phew, I can say I have never been reali rested well!

4th Nite
Back from Hong Kong, a kinda disaster flight
No time to talk bout it
Prefer to talk bout.. Michelle Ng!
A pretty stewardess & me
Her Belated Birthday & My Earlier Birthday celebration :)
Location: The Library, The Curve~

Its been reali a while since I last met her
She has slimmed down alot, so do me if U can notice :)
OMG.. I knew these day will come!
I am gonna swallow this whole plate of Mexican Snack!
Some silly ppl asked..
Is this Ur birthday cake?
Excuse me.. As if U cannot see.. As if U R blind???
Haha! Don mean to be sarcastic, but it is so true!
1 Big glass FREE 1 pint!
Great!! Lets drinks!!
I am such a fat ass now I guess!!!
How Lucky!
I even met my ex-primary schoolmate
Her name is CaDence! Wat a glamour name :)

Nothing much bout these nite
Merely catching up with Michelle
Sharing stories & wishing each others
She wanted to get me a cake but I stopped her
I am reali not a cake person
If I were? Aircraft meals those Desserts?
Die... All in my stomach already!
Thanks Michelle! I enjoyed my nite with U so so much :)

5th Nite
Invited few frens & colleagues
Seriously just few
Don ask me why I have so little frens
I simply don think I should spend all my money
Inviting those Hi & Bye frens
Cleanse my foods & wines & liquors!
Location: Home Sweet Home, Family place

Long before the party is gonna start
My parents? Helping to cleanse foods ALREADY lolx

Lots of stuff for Steamboat
Fresh Prawns (No Joke, damn fresh)
Bean curd is the best, love it!
For BBQ?
Definitely this! I don know what it is called in English
Mayb just SHELL will do? lolx
& my mama's Marinated Chicken Wings
For at least 2 days time! Damn tasty!

Evon was the 1st to come
Love her so much!
We look so so so.. Best Fren, isnt it?? lolx
Thanks for the present!!!
Do U want to know how to BBQ?
Learn from me!!!
I am not joking, U will see my skill later :)
Seriously.. Evon was just helping a bit
Haha!! I BBQ them all!!!
There U go!
Don tell me U wont want to have a bite!
Look at its colour!
My god.. I am gonna break the rule again tonight!
Rule of slimming down? Forget it!
The rest of my frens came
Siao Yee & Shin Wen
Both my ex-secondary schoolmates
Lets play the song
BIG GIRLS dont cry~
Gosh.. time flies! We R so adult now
I could never imagine tis would happen

We R notti..
Yes We R!
Drinking.. Smoking..Gossiping
Lots of fun
I can see.. We R all laughing bout what happened before this
Those unhappy, those funny, those silly
Aaaah.. it feels so bitter sweet to be an adult!
Alright, colleagues came!
From far.. Putrajaya, Klang, Shah Alam & so on

Even Dzul! He came with uniform!!
Gosh...!!! Thanks so much!!!

In the end?
Both White & Red wine gone
3 bottle of Johnny Walker Red Label Scotch Whisky gone!
Aaaah..!!! But I still feel good
I can say.. I have never celebrated my earlier birthday this way
U guyz.. Reali made my day so high up to the sky!

6th Nite
The Real Eve of my Birthday!
Tis dinner was not what I expected
I was only expecting to see Nichole
Ended up become a Drunken Master in G6!
Love this Birthday~ :)
Location: Chilis, Midvalley + G6, The Gardens

Wayne finally could join us!
Nichole the pretty!
Govin my batch boy~ :)
When I met Nichole
I was totally so into her
She is just someone I like to talk to!
Fattening dinner!
But tis is for Wayne!
I cant resist it!
Grabbed a bit from him :P
Playing Healthy game
Salad? Reali not my style!
Since I am not the one who is gonna pay
Plus I am a King of tonight! Huhu

This is mine
Smoked Salmon Steak

The time has come!
I got a FREE piece of cake from Chilis!
& definitely birthday song too :)

Trying to make a wish
In the end.. None stop taking pic :P

My wish?
If U did read my previous post
U would know :)
Wish upon Stars
A better man this age of 24!

The end of dinner
Time to get some dances on!

Would love to thank him again
Nick - My previous puppy lover
It was like 3-4 years ago
He treated all of us 1 big bottle of Whisky
Thanks Nick
U R still so sweet :)
Carlmen Low..
Did anyone tell U that U R so damn HOT & SEXY?
She is.. to me!

I wasnt drunk yet
Was telling myself..
DONT DONT DONT U ever get drunk tonight!
I was dancing
Bumped into this girl
& She has become one of the main character in the end of this nite!
Hui Ting!
Pretty stewardess another one!!!
Gosh.. She has such a pair of seductive eyes!
I am so proud!
Kel, the muscle builder
Thanks for coming too!
Oh Yes.. this is the Whisky

Dewar's 12 years
Strong enough to put me to drunk!
Okie.. My expression is getting weird
I am getting DRUNK!!!!
When I am drunk
I would show my ass!!!!
The best part is..........
I kissed a girl, I DON'T like it
OMG.. I cannot imagine tis!!!!
Even a mouth to mouth....
I was seriously DRUNK!!!!

Can see it so clearly
I was not acting sober!
I had fun! Though on the way home
I was caught by police
Paid RM 80.00 to bribe
FINE! 8 is a lucky number!
I don mind!

7th Morning
My Birthday~
Location: Living room, Parents Place
I should be thankful cuz I was not killed last nite
For any car accident or something
Dont ever drive when U R drunk!
I remember I promised someone before :P

It is a tradition
Each of everyone of us would get this!
2 Boiled Eggs & 1 Drumstick & "Long Live" Noodle

Yea.. Drink too much
Eyes bag was so UGLY!

Yummy yummy!!
Even the calender shows 7th
Yes it is :) My Birthday!

On 7th Nite itself
Celebrated Mama's day & my Real birthday though
In a Chinese restaurant
I havent got the time to edit those pic yet
Please give me some times.. Working reali busy recently

Before any earlier celebration
I have never thought I would end up celebrated my birthday my at least 4 times
I mean.. So many frens around
True hearted? I can see it from Elroy & Evon
Others? I do keep some distances
I am afraid! My mama, even my grandma told me
I got a mole at the back of my neck
Chinese says Let Mole carries U, not otherwise
According to the belief, I would attract many backstabbers
Yea.. True! Encountered alot, I could say I am still encountering!
But this time, this group of Frens?
Gosh.. I feel like owing U guyz!
U guyz truly made my days
Isnt it I should start opening up my heart?

Now that I am 24
Yes.. 24 years old though I might look like 21?
Haha! I reali hope so :)
Dont worry Papa Mama.. I will continue my hard works
To earn more money, to get us a better life
Evon asked, Don't U think the only reason of Ur life is to Save Money?
My Dear.. I wish I could answer U this question
Who knows about the true meaning of life anyway?
A 24 years old dude might be still a student?
Or even a jobless hanky panky ass?
I do not know how to explain this
It seems like To Get a Better Life is my destiny
& the only way I know is to Save Money
Money is not everything but it does play wonders!
Mayb some days someone would impress me again
& I would do some alternatives to my plan :)
I am waiting for these day to come!

Now.. with Red Wine on my hand
Cig on the other hand
Don misunderstand, I am not typing with my tongue
My lips can hold the cig while I do the typing :P
Aaaaah.. Lame joke!
Good nite everyone
I love My Birthday.. That is what I wanna say :)
Thanks again for those who came to my life & stay!
Muackz! Kisses flying to U


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  1. Hey, my 1st time to your blog.

    Many wonderful returns of the day! Glad you managed to celebrate in grand style even though you were mindful of the "backstabbing" caution.

    Nice blog! Pls do take care. ^_^