Friday, June 18, 2010

That Kimchi Tastes the Same

Shall I say I was lucky to visit Seoul this time?
It was the longest stay ever in Korea
Having a nearly 50 hours rest period
Arrived in the morning, the next day 1 day off
Gosh, I was so lucky!

This flight was full of nice people
I mean, really nice that kind
Moreover, most of us R chinese
& we went out together-gether
Humble & Responsible supervisory crew
Gwen & Fion
Friendly crew
Maggie & Charmaine

Myeondong in Korean
Ming Dong in Mandarin
Don't U think Korean & Chinese R somehow connected?
Normally during Nite Stop anywhere
I would be the lead
This time, they overtook my position!
Aaah I am not cheating
I was reali in Korea!!!

& for your kind information
Not all Korean dress like a Pop Star
They could reali dress like an ordinary folk on the street
Upon looking at this building from far
I could have fallen in love with it already

This huge thingy is The Bank of Korea
How fascinating!
Opposite of it
R some soldiers' statue

It was not reali hot
But the bright sun was killing us a bit
U know, UV has never been a good source to our bodies!
I wan U to focus on those countries' flags

Tell me U love them as much as I do!
Before getting our pocket burned a big time
We needed energy
Here it lies a whole street of good foods
Good? Realli? U shall see the dishes below!

I bet many Chinese visiting this restaurant
Bunch of Aunties & Uncles
Trust me, they drink at this hour too!

Y I find myself looking weird in this photo?
I always find angles to take my pic
I guess afterall I am just not someone reali good looking
This is Rice Cake
A MUST try in Korea!

I bet this isn't something unusual
Kimchi, do U like it?

I thought this Cold Glass Noodle would be nice
Don ever try this!
Japanese Cold Soba is alot better!
Ginger Chicken
Another MUST try
It is Pork, with chili paste

Another disaster

Oh man, the way they presented these Fruits Juice
U would definitely be attracted!
Yes, all this happened in Namdaemun Market

Namdaemun in Korean
Nan Da Men in Mandarin
Not again!!

Almost 4pm
People started to crowd the market!
I just saw ETude House in Sunway today

Cute Korean girl :)
In case U ever have any fantasy with Police man
This is the Korea Honourable Police station

After Kaohsiung, another Long Ice Cream :P

I came here the 1st time I visited Korea
Now I am back!

Oh this man, incredible super nice guy
Encik Basir
Who was once my instructor during my basic training
I was shouting a bit when I saw his name in the crew list
Too excited!

I am gonna visit U next time!
This is the Korea Palace in town
Next time okie?! Wait for me!
I should not smile that big!
Ruin the whole picture!
Gwen in Uniform :P
I still look younger
Am I right??
Happy Family pic :P
This pretty stewardess
A Korean crew

& Fion :)
I had a real nice trip with U guyz
It is not about Korea
Is bout the people that I fly with
Hope we could do it again next time! :)
I wish!

I am having my days off still
From 16th morning until 20th afternoon
I sorta told myself on my Dubai flight coming back to KL
I must go out & meet new guys
For a date or even just a casual dinner
No one wishes to be alone, no?
It is not easy, I realise
1st of all, I might online at odd hour
If I go online, I could be watching Desperate Housewives
While leaving my FB page on
Could not possibly have a decent chat with anyone
Sometimes, when U chat
U could already sense this mean ass wants nothing but sex
Or a silly kid hoping for Ur attention
Either way, I could not breathe!
I wan to meet some decent guys, who R into a steady relationship
Ain't someone HI HOW R U? U TOP OR BOTTOM?
U know exactly what I mean, don't U?

Desperate Housewives could be bored sometimes
It gives me inspiration at times too
Share this whole text with all of U
"This is the street where I used to live
& these were the people I shared with my life
I met them the day they moved in
& I saw what they brought with
Beautiful Dreams for the future
& Quiet Hopes for a better life
Not just for themselves, but for their children too
If I could, Will I tell them what lies ahead?
Will I warn them of the Sorrow & the Betrayal, the Lies & Storms?
No, from where I stand
I see enough of the road that understand
How it must be traveled
The trick is to keep moving forward
To let go the Fear & the Regret that slow us down
& keep us from enjoying our journey
Will be over too soon
Yes, there will be unexpected tense on the road
Shocking surprises we didnt see it coming
But that's reali the point"
That's awesome! In short?
Let go whatever shit behind & move on
Who cares what would happen in future
Expected? Unforeseen? Whatever~
Its life!

After this, another 6 days work
Perth, Shanghai & Beijing
Lets enjoy the flight as usual
I miss my two Dearies so much
Evon is out of town
Elroy is gonna come back on 27th
Definitely need to catch up with them!!
Call it a nite, shall we?
Gd Nite, Sweet dream :)