Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Got back My Memory :)

As I have been thru some kind of Tragedies a week or two
I think I am finally going on a smoother life
I have got back my Camera
With a help of a colleague, DWayne from Kaohshiung, Taiwan
See how thing works as a Flight Attendant?
Lost a camera in Taiwan
& Now spending his time in Best Western Premier Hotel in Korea
Updating blog & relaxing
Loads of serene moment, priceless definitely

To pay back Seb, my great savior the other night
I came out with this idea
Back to this Japanese Restaurant that I used to work for
Refresh me, how was it like when I was 16/17 years old
Almost 7/8 years back, Time flies!

Located at Desa Sri Hartamas
Momotalo Yakiniku
The best ever BBQ Japanese Restaurant

The interior has Tatami
Which is my favourite :)

The menu has never been changed, I believe so

I could not live without seeing Evon, my Dearest Bestie
Ah Ling, the current Manager
I left before she joined
She could stay until now & got promoted at least 3 times
Good job!

With all Korean & Japanese foods around these days
Appertizer Kimchi & Marinated Cucumber aint common
Oh Yes, Seb is his name
A man who has so much kindness & tenderness
U deserve this dinner!
Go on, order as much as U can!
The main attraction bout this restaurant
Is to BBQ in front of U
Charcoal that burns so hot, U may see its Purple Flame
I will not indulge myself with only Green Tea
Beer seems like a MUST
She is doing something I used to do
I have to say I am so proud of myself
I served Amber Chia & Ning Baizura before!

OMG.. this is just so nice
Cant wait to taste this sheep from New Zealand!

Look at it!!!
Medium well
Retain the juicy fat inside
Gosh, everyone would love to have a bite!

U better be cruel to taste this Fish!
It is pregnant!
Evon's favourite :)
Paper Steamboat
Quite a Seafood menu
Love it!
Black pepper Udon
Oh poor Baby fish in EGG
That is too much
& yet we R able to "sweep" them all into our stomach

The day when I got back my Camera
I brought Ivy to KFC
I was reali in the mood for any fattening foods
My last KFC was in Birmingham which was on March
Chicken meats gone, Chicken Skin gone
Only Chicken bones left
Clean & Clear, I can see my face shines over the plate!

On 5th June
Came back from CAN daily flight
I slept with my uniform, easily can sense how tired I was
Got up around 10pm, Wayne was home
As usual in the middle of our little talks
Lead to a topic, Lets Hit Party in MP! Market Place
Sadly to say, I have never been there
Asked for direction, Yes! We arrived safely
Bumped into someone, who denies his sexuality
How embarrassing was this fella!! Oh Poor U~
Saw few crews too in MP, even FB frens too!
Saturday nite, wat is Ur doing? Clubbing seems to be the only way
I had a great nite, catching up with some
& I am even more happy to see Wayne enjoyed himself so much!
Yes Wayne, I'll try bringing u there again alright? :)

I am having Love Fantasy recently
I imagine myself dating with some random guy
Text him once I wake up from bed, morning greeting & wish him a great day
During long transit in airport, text him to check his doing
Thinking bout where & what to have for dinner
Usual phone call before hit on bed
That is just so sweet, I like myself to be a sweetener!!
I wont rush, this Mr. Right will appear soon
For those who has attached, I am so jealous of U all
For single-lad, Lets pray our Love will come soon! :)

Going to Myeondong town 2molo
Time to flash out my So Long No See camera
I'll not allow myself to lose U again
Heard Korea has its best Ginger Chicken
Taste good foods at the same time worry bout my weight
I don care, time to loosen my appetite
I love my days, with Camomile Tea
Cheers to all, good day peeps!


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  1. Life is so cool, enjoy it my dear friend!
    Wish you happy all the time. ^^