Wednesday, June 2, 2010

New Case! New thoughts!

Guess the Holy Goddess is not guarding me
I had more tragedies than I could ever imagine

Remember I was saying I'll be going to Kaohsiung, Taiwan?
I was flying with my batch girl Colleen
A pretty stewardess of course :)

I was so eager to take loads of pic
To capture the sweet moment with my Colleen
We went to Shinjuku night market
Continued to Liuho night market
We had so much fun just seeing things around
U know, pocket is always tight for me
Cant reali afford anything :P
Oh well well, sometimes things will not turn out like what U wan
We took a cab back to Ambassador Hotel
& I LEFT my CAMERA inside
Immediately informed the Hotel Duty Manager
He brought us to Hotel CCTV room to find out the Taxi car plat number
Called Taiwan Police hotline
The Hotel Duty Manager told me, Taiwan Police is very efficient
Oh okie.. I doubt it, I have to admit this
Well, no news until I checked-out from the hotel
I was upset while expressing myself to Colleen
I told her, I don care bout the Camera
All I wanted is the memory between m e & her
It is exactly the same feeling when I was in Istanbul last year
I got robbed & Camera was gone too
We live on memories, especially the sweet one, Agree?
I guess I have to move on
Get a new camera then! Which one?
Sony again? Nikon again? or Cannon? Olympus?

And Yes it is
These pictures R from Colleen's camera
Thanks for tagging me in FB

After Kaohsiung, it was a daily flight
Guangzhou, 4 hours up 4 hours down
Killing U harshly flight
I thought everything would be smooth
Despite I just lost my Camera, Excuse Me!
Again I got into a trouble
Due to no more Oyster Sauced Cod Fish with Steamed Rice
I was scolded by a passenger
He rudely said "U R Brainless"
Thanks for adding another sad day in my life
The best part is I have to bend myself so down
A so called "Sincere Apology" extended to him
With lots of hatred in my heart
Oh man.. Instead of taking Fish, Y can't U try this?
BBQ sauced Chicken steaks with Tri-Coloured Linguine Pasta?
So whoever read my blog
Lack of choice of meal is not Cabin Crew's fault
If U were to be a little gentleman, U wont argue over a choice of meal!

After this unhappy flight
Is an Indian flight, New Delhi
IFS, the highest supervisor in this aircraft told me
"If U wanna be honest, pls be smarter at least a bit"
Yes, I admitted something that none of them admit
I got scolded AGAIN
What is going on with this 6 days works?
Hello.. Excuse Me!!!

Thus, I was in total bad mood
Taking more Wines like I never do before
& I got a chance to talk to someone in the end
He highlighted to me
I am actually finding troubles to myself
For instant
Though that pukimak passenger scolded me BRAINLESS
But my Leading stewardess told me I have done a great job
Nothing to worry about :)
& On my way to airport for Delhi flight
I received a call from office
The taxi driver sent my Camera back to Hotel
Wat a miracle! So I am arranging someone to pick it up for me :)
Though IFS scolded me HONEST BUT NOT SMART
But my senior crew told me I can work independently even I am still new :)
Bads & Goods, all come along
Mix it up, it feels bitter sweet
I have thought bout it
I have a little conclusion for myself

I am being ungrateful bout my surroundings
I love to complain, love to whine about this & that
I should look clearly bout how I behave recently
Never ending Wines, Beers & Liquors
Endless lack of sleep
Work with a fucking attitude
Someone is trying to be nice to me but I push them away
Gosh.. though I was kinda aware what I was doing
But I cannot imagine when I give myself time to think bout it
I find myself a terrible ass
May God forgive me, bless me

I am gonna stop any alcohol intake
I would rather to be a heavy smoker but not a drinker
In fact, I am taking Green Tea right now :)
Today I just did another Guangzhou daily flight
I did it with all my heart & soul
Providing the best that I could
I feel so great inside though I am so tired right now
It is one kind of satisfaction my dear! :)
& I would rather to be a lone ranger than a dirty slut
Of course, get more rest & less spending precious time surfing net alone
I may look young at this moment
But if I don do something bout my sleeping habit
I'll be an old ass very soon
It feels so good to think bout all these things that would benefit me
I will change to be good, it is a definite statement
U have my words :)

Rest well for these 2 days
Doing another Guangzhou on 5th
6th to 9th will be in Incheon/Seoul, Korea
To have a better life? It starts from U urself!
Great days always, XoXo!



  1. Good Luck will always around You..
    Wish u all going Smooth in ur Career n ur Life..

    as u said last time, SMilE always..:)

  2. Love how u think..Keep it up...

  3. it's ok to complain, at least u learn how to appreciate now every cloud has a silver lining :) may God always lead u on a right path, really like to read ur blog, keep it up :)

  4. It's always good to hear of someone who is in constant reflection to improve him/herself. :)

    Rude customers are the norm, part and parcel of work-life. ;)

  5. I was once told "YOU'RE STUPID!!" It is still hard to accept this kind of comments even thought its been more than two years now..not sure wht kind of pax profile for MH, but comment *_* all the best =D