Friday, June 11, 2010

So Long Kaohsiung, Taiwan

I thought I would have lost this beautiful memories
Especially flying with my batch girl, Colleen
Pls allow me to thank Dwayne again for bringing back my Camera
Shall we start talking bout Kaohsiung, Taiwan already?

We both found out the day before this flight to Kaohsiung
It was such a pleasant
A little unfortunate, we were not working together in a same zone
We were talking bout Kaohsiung hotel room was rather small & tiny
Turned out, each of us got a bigger room then usual
Another bonus for this flight :)

1st station was to Shinkuchan
It was actually not even more than 7 mins driving distance
It cost TWD 100 already

Blurry pic!! Spoil!
Too bright!! Put on flash is not so good
Bubble Tea which is kinda normal?
Yea, Malaysia has alot too!
But to taste Taiwan original Bubble Tea
It tastes different :)
Just across the street
Is Yuanshu Yuchu
Can see that Kaohsiung is trying to mimic those hot Japanese street

This type of Tall Ice Cream
Is it selling in Malaysia now?
I could even see this in Seoul, Korea

Next station
Liuho Night Market
Something like our Malaysia Jalan Alor?
This Liuho is much longer than tat!

Welcome to Taiwan!
This is so not the apple of my eyes!!
Who has the appetite after seeing this??

For those who can read
Look at the right corner words
棺材板?Coffin Wood? Coffin Pan Mee?
Oh Dear.. Tat sounds so cursing!
Huhu Condom World!
Play safe always :)

BBQ Prawn!!

Yummy yummy~

Ate too much
Fats too much
I swear I had no appetite after seeing all these pics
Time to lose some weights again~

This post sounds rather boring isn't it?
Should I apologise for tis?
Look, I am a flight attendant
I fly & experience different cultures & countries
Its a job that could allow me to do so
Sometimes it could be reali boring, going in & out the same place
But then, any other job could give the same benefit?
I doubt that

Everyone in tis world would love to be someone great
Improving oneself in order to achieve his/her aim in life
To the age of 18-35, everyone could be doing different things
Mayb U could be a student? Struggling in assignments?
Mayb a fresh graduated Bachelor? Looking for jobs?
Or someone who has got a job & start earning?
Or someone who is still so lost?
I think I am now in the middle of getting myself steady
I am not planning to change my job
Trying to save as much as I could
So my life nowadays is kinda flat, not so dramatic
Not Dramatic = Not Interesting, I truly believe so
What U see from the pic might not be able to reflect
The true happiness & memories I have been thru
I'll give myself one excitement
Next year, perhaps May
I'll be getting my new house!

Just got back from Incheon/Seoul, Korea
Rested for a day
Leaving to New Delhi, India & Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Another 6 days work, I can do it
Lets enjoy the flight
Next topic shall be about Incheon/Seoul, Korea!

Cheers all