Thursday, July 29, 2010

My Life is almost all bout Flying!!

We all work for money
A better way to quote is
We all earn money for living
My job provides me the opportunity to work with different ppl everyday
A group of different individuals give me varies of impression
All walks of life, Same kind of rice raise all kinds of personality
I have problem memorizing ppl's name
However I do remember all sorts of happy moments
Or bad experiences dealing with each of them

I met a bunch of good ppl lately
When the time to work, we perform our duties & responsibilities
When the time to have fun, we go all the way crazy
End of the flight, I always tend to rush back to home
Pls be rest assured, I cherish all the good memories with good ppl
Back to home, I cant stop talking bout those fun moments
& for those who said & did something nasty
I would definitely curse them maximum too
I will see them in hell, which is so true
Bcuz I choose to curse them & I am sinful for doing so :P

Leading stewardess Marini, superb nice! Thanks for the performance check
I received 96.75% from her :)
Mandarin crew Suet Ni & Ay Shia
Both of them R sweet & fun!!

Very hardworking crew! Thank U for the flight Mr. Ameer!!!
It was so happy to flying with all of U :)
Enough of advertising Taiwan Milk which was so tasty!!! :P

I look tired, don U think so?
Lay Yen, my batch girl, 3rd time flying with her

Mayb it is my job habit
I like looking at others airline's aircraft

We R so cute!!! :P

OMG my fat & round face!!!

This kind of lip do
I copy my best fren Elroy!! hahha!!!

Oh yes, I was in Sibu
The Teh Tarik river

No doubt!
I am so camwhore!

This is Kuching Town area
The view from my room
Kuching River
Which has a rumour of a giant crocodile

I went out to buy the well known Cake Lapis
Need to cross this Sarawak River
By paying only 50 cents sampan fare

Its been a long time since my last sampan ride
I was kinda feeling excited though lolx

This is the most famous Cake Lapis in Sarawak I assume
Dayang Salhah
All kinds of pattern
Chocolate based
Pandan, Vanila.. everything!

I wont buy alot for sure
For those who receive my Cake Lapis
Should be thankful!!
A colleague followed me along
At 1st she said she might just buy 2 cakes
She beats me in the end! :P

Pack into such a box
Reali convenient for us to carry around though
In the middle is Kak Ju (should be this spelling) :P
A funny lady tat requested us to take pic with MY camera but not hers!!

My recent flight to Guangzhou
There was this IFS (Inflight Supervisor), the Cabin Crew in Charge
Impressed me with the way he does the preflight briefing
Allow me to put his speech into my understanding
No one forces us to be a crew
Times R bad & all we do R to complain
We keep thinking bout "WE SHOULD" and "WHAT IF"
We should be receiving this & that
What if we obey or resist
There will be too many How Nice If I DID NOT do that
& If I DID THAT, I would be getting this & that
OKIE.. I don think I am making any sense now lolx!!
U should be there & listen to his speech
It was reali encouraging & I felt cheerful
I do have something I wish it did not happen
Since I cannot change the fact, might as well I live with it comfortably
Oh Yes, he said "Its not the end of the world, buddy"
Yea, damn right~! Tis world is full of hopes!
Thank U for enlighten my perception towards life :)

I have a little puppy now
Adopted her from an owner who named her Ester (If I spell correctly) :P
Rename her to Georgina
For those who watch Gossip Girl, U should know better who is she
A real bitch, shameless & lack of slaps & punches on her fucking face
Don get me wrong, I like my puppy Georgy so so much!!!
I find this name funny & notti
Suitable for her, No objection! Bcuz I am the owner now!! haha!
Not a right time to show her pic so soon
In treatment process, she has got serious skin problem
Love ya Georgy, U make me happy :)

Many photos pending for uploading
I wish I have more times for this
Someone asks me, what do U do when U R free
In my heart, I was like SWEAT =.="
I don reali know how to answer this
Its impossible I would say
"Oh I love watching porn & do a quick masturbate" Lolx
I usually watch movie online using PPS
Leaving my FB & MSN online 24 hours
Thinking bout flights
Waiting for the time to hang out with my best frens
Smoking.. Drinking.. Erhm.. Anything else?
Oh yes, to play with my Georgy
Pretty simple life & I love tis comfy everything

Next post would be introducing my best frens
& a few of frens that etched in my mind
Had a day off, time to go for flight again
To Seoul, Korea 2nite
Good night everyone :)


Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Passing By

I am feeling guilty
For I kinda ignore my blog
I was doing 4 days trip in Borneo
Where no free internet connection provided by the hotel
Though it was only 4 days
It felt like forever.. This trip was a reali good killer

I sorta celebrated Hisham & Nichole birthday
Hisham, a Sri Lankan that got to know me from FB
Nichole, a pretty stewardess who is quite click with me
These R the pics taken in shuffle
I swear I look weird & unpleasant
So please forgive my ugly look :)

Patrick on the left
Got to know him since I was 17yo
Lost contact for many years
Accidentally bumped into him in MP

Accompanied by my housemate Wayne
The other is a Middle-East cutie

Oh God.. How could U not to notice this?
Hisham was grabbing my BOOBS!
Nesh, Shahrul, Kenny

Jump a bit to Nichole's birthday
It was held in Bangsar Shopping Mall
Stewardess will be Stewardess I guess
Look at Peggie & Hui Ting
Their aromas R totally different from the others

Oops.. Back to Hisham!
He told me he loves Malaysia
If he hides his true identity
I guess no one would ever question him
"R U Malaysian??"

Colourful Cup Cakes
Its better & much more convenient than a big cake
At least we do not need to cut it in pieces

I believe I was a little drunk
I hate myself in this pic
Seriously Ugly~~
U deserve what's the best in the world
She is a lovely angel, no doubt!
We all love to pose
& I have to say I have nothing to lose
Except without a pair of soft boobs!

Flew with Peggie before so far
Waiting to fly with Nichole & Hui Ting in future
However, Peggie is not staying back
Good Luck Peggie! Have a better & brighter future ahead~!
U go Girl~~
Nichole is such a hot chick!!!
Love her much!!!

Here I would like to wish Hisham & Nichole once again
Happy Birthday
I may not be able to give u everything in the world
If U ever need me
I could give u everything in MY world :)
All the best of luck!

Other than that what else?
Nothing special but just living my own life
A job that requires to fly
A home that awaits me
My Family
My Frens
Routine & predictable

The other nite when I was inside transport coming back from the Airport
Listening to Mp3 via iPod Touch as usual
Trying to get a quick nap after all I was reali tired
There was something on my mind
I couldn't sleep tight, must be some malfunctions with my brain
Staring thru the window
Was not exactly gazing for anything but merely
Letting the scenery passing by
A song from Secondhand Serenade "Your Call" was playing
It reminded me of something

A man with his humble name "Kong" used to tell me
I did not veritably review whatever things I have been thru
& I began to understand.. I am not that kind of person
Who would grab a hot milk in the middle of nite
Sat quietly thinking bout past & figure out what I have been thru
My very own unique style would be
Calling Elroy & Evon, request for an emergency meeting
Grief with tears if necessary or
Just simply whine about it & let go
One thing I must admit
I have not been truthful even to myself
Tend to run away from my hideous past
Pretend to be alive but in fact turning to be a soulless creature
I can see that I begin to corner myself into a dead end road
Its time to transform, to be a Sailormoon? Mayb lolx
I know I'll be fine, there is nothing to be worried

I am just a happening person who is loud & hyperactive
Need more excitement in my life
Perhaps times R bad now, I could not do much
In no time, I'll be back on the right track
Next post is bout Flying again
Boring? Yes.. I feel like dying
No choice, everyone needs to earn a living :P
Tonight is to celebrate my Mama's Birthday
Family members + Evon & Elroy
Huhu~~ Loads of pic will be taken :)
Who's gonna pay for the bill? ME!!!!
Burn a big hole, big it bigger!!
For those who is celebrating birthday
Have fun there! Happy celebrating! ^^