Saturday, July 10, 2010

Attending Classes

Safety & Emergency Procedure recurrent class
We do it every year once
Crew Resource Management class
Hit me once a year
I was not really happy when I got to know this
1st of all, it will affect my entire roster for the month of July
Plus I need to drive all the way to the academy at Kelana Jaya
Can anyone tell me, how terrible is the traffic around PJ area?
Exactly.. I hate traffic jam! I would swear & scream while driving

To attend the class
Dress code must be Office Attire
Someone pls tell me I look good in this :P

Cursor shows that I was paying full attention to the class
Everyone has his turn to do presentation
My turn is the next!!!

Okie, my instructor acted as a passenger with a baby
The baby was named Adam
& I was the crew came across her problematic baby
I need to rescue him!
Look at our serious face
I laugh when I see this
It was fun~ I didnt know it could be tat fun!
This lady is a supervisory crew
Leading Stewardess
My very 1st solo flight to Jogjakarta was with her
She is so so so so so nice!!!
New dress for everyone
I bet it has been ages since its last laundry
It smells stink!
I was having my good time
I believe so :)
We R gonna jump the aircraft slide
Not much pic bout Jumping the slide
It was so fun to attend such a class :)

Fellow colleagues & Friends
U guys R the best!

I pass my exam
Time to celebrate a bit
Lovely housemate - Wayne
OOps.. Cam Whore!

Ivy & Colleen
My favourite
Black Pepper Fried Udon Noodle

It was reali a full full dinner
I checked my weight this morning
Yea.. I have gained 1 KG!!!
OMFG~~~ I need to slim down
A price to pay for having so many days Good Foods

The thought to leave Malaysia
Is dimming.. I know it wont happen any sooner
I had a weird dream during my nap tis evening
I was crying to my mama telling her that
I don wanna leave here, I wanna stay
Perhaps I am someone shallow minded
Putting money on top of me
Well monetary wise, I might be not satisfied
Thinking bout having so many frens & of course having my family here
Its kinda hard to leave though
I do not wish to wash laundry myself
I do not wan to talk to the wall when I have problems
Someone asked me Y am I being so negative thinking
I am pretty sure I am just depressed
Its getting better at least I could smile when I look intro mirror
I received feed back
They said I have a great smile
Oh Dear, I am showing U my pic without smile
I am what a normal human being living in this world
Dream to have a better future
Strike to be a better person
I see progress of my growth
I could be a little late to pick up my pace towards a better life
I came across from whatever shit happened from the past
I love what I have done, it has painted my life with varies colours
So.. Enjoy my Without Smile cam whore pic
When I smoke in serene
I would think of my past
& it makes me feel.. I am tough :)

Tonight I am going to MP
With Evon, Elroy & Wayne
Its a Saturday Nite & I know the feeling is rite
Gonna have so much fun, I know it!
Huuu~~ Showing my smile to kill some guys
I need to know what is Love! Show me Ur Love :)

Heading to Taipei 2molo, pick up to the airport at 0625hrs
I bet I wont be able to have a long hour sleep tonight
Its alright, I could just sleep after arrived at Taipei then :)
Enjoy peeps!



  1. life comes with choice. sometimes, it is best left as instinct to drive your journey. somehow, something comes with some missing. evaluate life when u live it

  2. u look great in white colour shirt...
    so innnocent and neat look~love it...