Monday, July 5, 2010

Back to Square?

I was having alot of thoughts recently
Busy enough to keep me even to forget bout my blog
A collection of pictures stored in my camera
Its time to release all of them!

14th-16th June
Dubai, the Middle East nite

As usual we'll visit this restaurant
Generous Visitor (Reali??)
I gotta say
Even stewardess cares less bout how they looked
While stuffing all these delicious meals into stomach
We did order alot man
Was reali full!
What else to do after a big fat meal?
Of course is to drink!
I was so happy
We all chit chat to the maximum
Gossiping bout others & complaining bout life

Thanks Brendon for buying all of us Beers
The reason I censored my boxer?
I kinda allow my balls to peep a look out of the boxer
It was reali hot in Dubai
Bout 45 degree Celsius
A short nite in Dubai, we gotta go back to KL
Working with 2 pretty in Business Class
Mostly say my uniform looks sucks
Some say not bad
Wat do U think?

I think I will say my smile looks good :P

22nd-23rd June
After a hair cut in Shanghai
The weather in Shanghai was not cold anymore
Summer season baby~
In China, except shopping
Must be meals!!!
Look so tempting
Too bad I am not going to Shanghai this month!!!

Gonna miss all these meals very much!!
This funny guy is our Co-Pilot
Its my pleasure to know all of U :)

24th-25th June
One nite in Beijing
Trina this gorgeous
I flew with her 1st time to Beijing
Now again Beijing :)
U definitely need to go shopping in Beijing
Look how many Longchamp bags we got??
Imitation but looks real enough :P

27th June
The nite when Knight returns

It was kinda packed in KLIA
A place that I am so used to
But tonight, I am feeling nervous
Oh yes, this is the guy
Elroy!!! Finally U R back!!!!
Guess he was shy, he ran to a side
& started hugging us!
This kind of smiling face is priceless
How unfortunate, my camera could not capture the perfection of it
Oh yea, my turn!

A flight from Birmingham via Dubai then back to KL
It was reali a long journey for Elroy
I would assume Elroy misses our street foods
Brought him to a food court
Where he could find everything!
We all kinda helped him finish all
Another fattening nite

Not a good shot
The light was not good enough
This could be too brighten!
Flash too much!
Better :)
Oh crap.. Not good!!!!

Elroy, it feels so good that U R back
It feels a little weird as I don reali feel that U have ever left us
Our own code of humour still strongly applies
Which makes me feel happy inside
Now that U, Evon & me R back together
We should do it more often
Should hang out more, I wanna spend more time with U & Evon!
Big hugs! I guess we have proven to others that
Our Frenship is Eternal :P Haha!!!

2nd July
A nite to be always carried with me
This nite, with Wines & Snacks
I cried my lungs out
I was haunted by the mistake I committed before this
This could explain Y would I blog after so long
For I was experiencing sleepless nite
Kept thinking bout the Past, Present & Future
This nite, I released the all that I could
I was reali a careless ass
I broke a tall beer glass
It looks exactly how my heart is broken inside
Something I thought I could have achieved with glory
Turns out to be a pathetic piece of shit

Seriously I could never imagine that I will be working in this field
When I got my pay every month
I used to tell myself how Lucky I am
To get such a pay + I can travel
Over the time, I might get to be even more greedy
I wanted more than what I am doing now
For once I thought I am gonna get to leave everything here
& Gonna start a new life outside of Malaysia
I ended up with so much tears, I am not going anywhere
This is the place where I meet so many of them
Who have made such a difference in my life

Looked into mirror the other day
I found myself unable to smile naturally
Oh boy this day will end soon
Sooner or later I'll get back to the usual track
I just need a little bit more times
So what do U do when U face this kind of situation?
Just clean it up the shit & move on Baby!
Hear from me soon
Great days folks!



  1. yeap, a nice and sweet crescent moon smile

  2. 伤感的,让它过去~

  3. though i don't know what was really bothering you previously, I strongly believe that there are still many out there concern bout u. Plus your best buddies who supports you trough thick and thin, just hope u're doing ok ya. Take care my friend.