Thursday, July 29, 2010

My Life is almost all bout Flying!!

We all work for money
A better way to quote is
We all earn money for living
My job provides me the opportunity to work with different ppl everyday
A group of different individuals give me varies of impression
All walks of life, Same kind of rice raise all kinds of personality
I have problem memorizing ppl's name
However I do remember all sorts of happy moments
Or bad experiences dealing with each of them

I met a bunch of good ppl lately
When the time to work, we perform our duties & responsibilities
When the time to have fun, we go all the way crazy
End of the flight, I always tend to rush back to home
Pls be rest assured, I cherish all the good memories with good ppl
Back to home, I cant stop talking bout those fun moments
& for those who said & did something nasty
I would definitely curse them maximum too
I will see them in hell, which is so true
Bcuz I choose to curse them & I am sinful for doing so :P

Leading stewardess Marini, superb nice! Thanks for the performance check
I received 96.75% from her :)
Mandarin crew Suet Ni & Ay Shia
Both of them R sweet & fun!!

Very hardworking crew! Thank U for the flight Mr. Ameer!!!
It was so happy to flying with all of U :)
Enough of advertising Taiwan Milk which was so tasty!!! :P

I look tired, don U think so?
Lay Yen, my batch girl, 3rd time flying with her

Mayb it is my job habit
I like looking at others airline's aircraft

We R so cute!!! :P

OMG my fat & round face!!!

This kind of lip do
I copy my best fren Elroy!! hahha!!!

Oh yes, I was in Sibu
The Teh Tarik river

No doubt!
I am so camwhore!

This is Kuching Town area
The view from my room
Kuching River
Which has a rumour of a giant crocodile

I went out to buy the well known Cake Lapis
Need to cross this Sarawak River
By paying only 50 cents sampan fare

Its been a long time since my last sampan ride
I was kinda feeling excited though lolx

This is the most famous Cake Lapis in Sarawak I assume
Dayang Salhah
All kinds of pattern
Chocolate based
Pandan, Vanila.. everything!

I wont buy alot for sure
For those who receive my Cake Lapis
Should be thankful!!
A colleague followed me along
At 1st she said she might just buy 2 cakes
She beats me in the end! :P

Pack into such a box
Reali convenient for us to carry around though
In the middle is Kak Ju (should be this spelling) :P
A funny lady tat requested us to take pic with MY camera but not hers!!

My recent flight to Guangzhou
There was this IFS (Inflight Supervisor), the Cabin Crew in Charge
Impressed me with the way he does the preflight briefing
Allow me to put his speech into my understanding
No one forces us to be a crew
Times R bad & all we do R to complain
We keep thinking bout "WE SHOULD" and "WHAT IF"
We should be receiving this & that
What if we obey or resist
There will be too many How Nice If I DID NOT do that
& If I DID THAT, I would be getting this & that
OKIE.. I don think I am making any sense now lolx!!
U should be there & listen to his speech
It was reali encouraging & I felt cheerful
I do have something I wish it did not happen
Since I cannot change the fact, might as well I live with it comfortably
Oh Yes, he said "Its not the end of the world, buddy"
Yea, damn right~! Tis world is full of hopes!
Thank U for enlighten my perception towards life :)

I have a little puppy now
Adopted her from an owner who named her Ester (If I spell correctly) :P
Rename her to Georgina
For those who watch Gossip Girl, U should know better who is she
A real bitch, shameless & lack of slaps & punches on her fucking face
Don get me wrong, I like my puppy Georgy so so much!!!
I find this name funny & notti
Suitable for her, No objection! Bcuz I am the owner now!! haha!
Not a right time to show her pic so soon
In treatment process, she has got serious skin problem
Love ya Georgy, U make me happy :)

Many photos pending for uploading
I wish I have more times for this
Someone asks me, what do U do when U R free
In my heart, I was like SWEAT =.="
I don reali know how to answer this
Its impossible I would say
"Oh I love watching porn & do a quick masturbate" Lolx
I usually watch movie online using PPS
Leaving my FB & MSN online 24 hours
Thinking bout flights
Waiting for the time to hang out with my best frens
Smoking.. Drinking.. Erhm.. Anything else?
Oh yes, to play with my Georgy
Pretty simple life & I love tis comfy everything

Next post would be introducing my best frens
& a few of frens that etched in my mind
Had a day off, time to go for flight again
To Seoul, Korea 2nite
Good night everyone :)



  1. From Kuching. :) Why suddenly Kuching looks so ugly from the photos one? LOL

  2. Congrats, finally you get your Puppy! You never be alone anymore.
    have a nice day & enjoy our flight :)

  3. Difficult jobs/assignments are alwiz made less frustrating when we have great colleagues. :)
    Do hope you've got dog-luvin' hsemates to care for the pup when you are on flights. :)

  4. hi crason.. I have just created a new blog.. I like d ur mixpod.. i try to add in my blog.. but I kinda blur now.. dono how to put it in my blog.. hope u can help me.. tq..

  5. this is the very 1st time i read your blog.
    erm... kinder enjoyable reading your blog, words without cover up and nice pics too..

    "Same kind of rice raise all kinds of personality"
    well, just be yourself.. do those things that u think is right and correct.

    so when will u upload the pics of your little Georgy?:P

    all the best to u and be happy all the time... ^^

    p/s: i want cake lapis too.. LOL

  6. After "flipped" thru ur blog.. I found this article again, the 1st article of urs that I read... I din post any comments under some reasons but now I must tell u, I LIKE U! Guyz, don think too much ya... I said I like u bcoz ur article is full of motivation.. I salute ur openness towards life and ur cheerful attitude.. I think i shall stop commenting ur articles... ltr every article oso can see me thr XD

    But honestly I enjoyed reading ur articles... Hope thr will be more excitement in ur life!