Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Passing By

I am feeling guilty
For I kinda ignore my blog
I was doing 4 days trip in Borneo
Where no free internet connection provided by the hotel
Though it was only 4 days
It felt like forever.. This trip was a reali good killer

I sorta celebrated Hisham & Nichole birthday
Hisham, a Sri Lankan that got to know me from FB
Nichole, a pretty stewardess who is quite click with me
These R the pics taken in shuffle
I swear I look weird & unpleasant
So please forgive my ugly look :)

Patrick on the left
Got to know him since I was 17yo
Lost contact for many years
Accidentally bumped into him in MP

Accompanied by my housemate Wayne
The other is a Middle-East cutie

Oh God.. How could U not to notice this?
Hisham was grabbing my BOOBS!
Nesh, Shahrul, Kenny

Jump a bit to Nichole's birthday
It was held in Bangsar Shopping Mall
Stewardess will be Stewardess I guess
Look at Peggie & Hui Ting
Their aromas R totally different from the others

Oops.. Back to Hisham!
He told me he loves Malaysia
If he hides his true identity
I guess no one would ever question him
"R U Malaysian??"

Colourful Cup Cakes
Its better & much more convenient than a big cake
At least we do not need to cut it in pieces

I believe I was a little drunk
I hate myself in this pic
Seriously Ugly~~
U deserve what's the best in the world
She is a lovely angel, no doubt!
We all love to pose
& I have to say I have nothing to lose
Except without a pair of soft boobs!

Flew with Peggie before so far
Waiting to fly with Nichole & Hui Ting in future
However, Peggie is not staying back
Good Luck Peggie! Have a better & brighter future ahead~!
U go Girl~~
Nichole is such a hot chick!!!
Love her much!!!

Here I would like to wish Hisham & Nichole once again
Happy Birthday
I may not be able to give u everything in the world
If U ever need me
I could give u everything in MY world :)
All the best of luck!

Other than that what else?
Nothing special but just living my own life
A job that requires to fly
A home that awaits me
My Family
My Frens
Routine & predictable

The other nite when I was inside transport coming back from the Airport
Listening to Mp3 via iPod Touch as usual
Trying to get a quick nap after all I was reali tired
There was something on my mind
I couldn't sleep tight, must be some malfunctions with my brain
Staring thru the window
Was not exactly gazing for anything but merely
Letting the scenery passing by
A song from Secondhand Serenade "Your Call" was playing
It reminded me of something

A man with his humble name "Kong" used to tell me
I did not veritably review whatever things I have been thru
& I began to understand.. I am not that kind of person
Who would grab a hot milk in the middle of nite
Sat quietly thinking bout past & figure out what I have been thru
My very own unique style would be
Calling Elroy & Evon, request for an emergency meeting
Grief with tears if necessary or
Just simply whine about it & let go
One thing I must admit
I have not been truthful even to myself
Tend to run away from my hideous past
Pretend to be alive but in fact turning to be a soulless creature
I can see that I begin to corner myself into a dead end road
Its time to transform, to be a Sailormoon? Mayb lolx
I know I'll be fine, there is nothing to be worried

I am just a happening person who is loud & hyperactive
Need more excitement in my life
Perhaps times R bad now, I could not do much
In no time, I'll be back on the right track
Next post is bout Flying again
Boring? Yes.. I feel like dying
No choice, everyone needs to earn a living :P
Tonight is to celebrate my Mama's Birthday
Family members + Evon & Elroy
Huhu~~ Loads of pic will be taken :)
Who's gonna pay for the bill? ME!!!!
Burn a big hole, big it bigger!!
For those who is celebrating birthday
Have fun there! Happy celebrating! ^^



  1. juz finish reading ... got feel..
    broneo is my home .. wish u enjoy =)
    happy and smile always

  2. Thanks alot for the wishes once again, sad u couldnt make it to the official one.. :( I would like to share everything of my life with u, starting from myself... Please just give me one chance for it... :)

  3. Wow, hopping to your blog from Facebook like so randomly. You got such great blog. :)

  4. :) How I wish to be a cabin crew too. My life would be so interesting!