Saturday, August 14, 2010

I miss Our Friendship

This post is exclusively written to reminisce a lost frenship
That I used to share with 2 wonderful girls
Dear Swei & Kerry,
I do miss our frenship though it has long gone
I am gonna warn U,
These R all OLD PICTURES dated year 2006-2008

May I present to U, Swei
She was my primary & secondary & even college mate
We got close when we were both 13/14yo, Form 2
A looking quiet girl, doesnt talk much
But U have no idea how outspoken she could be!
Brave, strong, full of jokes R her hidden abilities

Miss Kerry, a year younger than us
Same primary & secondary school with us too
Another Laugh My Ass Off character of girl
Mayb emotional, short tempered, notti which R the same like I do!

It should be around year 2008 on January
The chain of frenship has come to an end
Oh well, I remember how frustrated I felt
Cried with tons of tear, swore that I will never look back
I was reali hurt badly by all the accusations
Its like a series of nightmare
Often felt terrible upon thinking bout it

It was all bout the birthday party wasn't it?
I left with Nick earlier & let U paid the bill for me
I offered to spend U shabu-shabu as a birthday dinner
& I planned to utilize a 30% voucher I got from Cyrus

I don understand, even until tis moment
Remember we DID have lunch in that Shabu-Shabu before?
U ate TWO bowls of rice! How could U say U never like it?
Come on girl, I was earning bout 1k a month that time
Was struggling even to survive!
Went for work & depending Liza who provided FREE lunch for me everyday
Earning bout 1k per month, I just could not spend much
& Yes I planned to use voucher
With absolute good intention to buy U a birthday dinner
How could U see only the MONEY part?
What bout my pure intention just to do something for U?

We had so much good memories hanging out together
Uncountable laughter that drawn out those happy tears
All the talks bout our inner feeling
Future plans, our secrets & almost everything we shared
I used to tell myself
It is definitely a blessing to have U as one close fren

Oh well, U tell me
What was going on actually?
What I could see was something does not make any sense
U doubted my sincerity to be Ur fren?
Or U were just too tired to be my fren?
I was dying wanted to know the fact
Well, not anymore

I did not apologise for whatever happened
Of course I defended myself & U did too
As a result? A almost 8 years frenship shattered
And I am writting this post
Addressing to both of U

It was perfectly wonderful to have U two beside me back then
Lots of fun but I could not reali remember for now
I was kinda in a situation, forcing myself to move on
But I am sure, the taste of our frenship was candy sweet

Some frenship might doom not to be lasting
I guess ours is just another sad case
We departed & we live in our own way
We R all happy in our current condition
& I could not imagine I would have made such a big change afterward
Moreover, through this incident
I have learned that Elroy & Evon R my truly angels in my life
I strongly believe U guys have found Ur own angels too

U have no idea how much gut I need to reveal this frenship
It is a remarkable record that shows
I am able to face this nightmare truthfully
I am very sure that I have no grudge left in my heart
For whatever accusations or misunderstandings
We have all taken it with serene, peaceful mind
Do I still need to know what was going on?
A definite NO, its better to leave thing behind than to dig it out

U took tis pic of me
& U said "Beautiful picture leh.. hehhehee"

Can't believe Malao was with us that time~
& of course Brenda Goh!!

Taken place in Genting
U said: " Innocent...................... "

Kerry, wasn't tis the company annual dinner?

We all will continue our journeys
As happy as shown in this pic
We all will find our own piece of happiness
Cheers to the Friendship we ever shared before
I miss how we used to be :)

Do I reali look that different in my old pictures?
Haha!! I think so~!! Love acting cute back then~~
Oh yea, I want to say Elroy & Evon, I love U two!
See U guys 2molo :)

Current me!!!


  1. haha.. omg.. ur old pix look so cute.. and u look so much handsome now.. no doubt u r a steward now.. haha..

    its good to have sweet and sour memories.. rather than u don hv any memories at all.. at least u got something to be remembered..

    IMO.. give a call to them.. or try to get their contacts.. say hi.. and I always believe in to ask for forgiveness first although we r not wrong.. life is too short.. appreciate d friendship.. I had a worse experience and as I'm getting old.. i feel so regret when i think about all my frens.. i miss my time when i got many frens.. any now im so lonely.. :(

  2. It's terrible and upset right when a friend, moreover, a very closed friend of us, turns into nothing but just stranger.

    Why a friendship is easily fading and broken? Is that our fault that caused it to be happening? Well, I can tell that u're trying hardly to maintain that friendship.

    Cheer up, dude. At least, u've found your truly angels in your life.

    God bless u.. ^^

  3. Oo.. u do look different now. I'm preferring your current look.. haha~

  4. Very touching article... I understand the feeling of being misunderstood and living in unknown fact... Tears was kinda coming out when reading this... reminds me that im gonna have the day soon... but is life supposed to be like this? No "best friend forever"? Perhaps~

    Hopefully I can take it positively in that time... oh yea, I am not supposed to talk abt myself =p...anyway, it's good tht u hv found another 2 lovely frens... i shall be happy for u... I shall not comment anything abt ur friendship wit Swei and Kerry bcoz I hv no idea of the full picture... but wish everything will be better!