Friday, August 6, 2010

Mixed Up, Totally!

Its time to reveal what have I been doing lately
Celebrated Mama's & Papa's birthdays
Which was simple & yet meaningful
Lets take a look at the meals tat we ordered :P

Papa 48 years old Birthday~
Location: Bandar Sentul

Home style Pan Fried Tofu
Requested mayonnaise but we received Thousand Island sauce
=.=" Thousand Island sauce is meant for Salad, not fired Tofu!!
Always is a MUST EAT
Clam Soup aka “Seong Thong Lala”
I do not understand
Y am I trying to focus on the Vegetable dish
In the end, the camera focus on the Tofu instead?
I was using Sony Ericsson cell phone camera though lolx
My Papa's favourite
Curry Fish Head
Seafood~ Seafood~
Cholesterol~ Cholesterol~
I took pictures of them
Without their notice
Papa none stop chewing~~
While my grandma shows pain while having meals
Haha!! I am so bad!!

Mama's 45yo Birthdays~
Yes, she is kinda young, everyone says that~~
Sorry for the flash of my camera
It will never affect how U guys look in my heart :)
& Yes pls~ Elroy & Evon followed along~~
Happy family :)
I wish my brother is here with us
He is like thousand miles away in News Zealand
Thank you for joining us
Can I say I already see both of U my family members too?
I hope it means something to U guys :)
They bought Red Wine with FREE wine glass as a gift
& I shall foresee they R gonna eat alot in return~~ haha!
Since it is a Limited Released wine
Fine with me, grab Ur fork & Spoon~
Start throwing all dishes to Ur mouth my dear!!

This Tofu is reali rare~
A portion served contains only 8 pieces
Hello~~ We have 7 persons here!!
U must look closer to this Fish Head
Comes with a super glamour name
Dragon Ton Fish~ & of course the price is superb too =.="
Someone ever commented
Y would U order Vegetable a dish in a restaurant?
U should order something U don cook at home right?
I would say: "What I have is money, I can order anything I wan~!!!" ZIP IT!!
Another Clam Soup
Coconut Tom Yam Prawn~
Big Prawn with baby yellowish eggs in it!
Golden Fried Mantis Prawn aka Lai Niu Ha without shell
We might have ordered too many dishes
& I have not been taking any rice for a long long time
Clean & Clear~
Well done folks!
& my pocket is definitely well done cooked with a big hole!Like I said the Dragon Ton Fish!!!
OMFG~~!!! R U crazy?!?!?
RM 150 for such a dish?! Fish head that comes with so little flesh?!?

My Love Georgina~

U look so skinny here!
It was the 3rd day after I got her
Rest assured, she has got fatter now
I am glad that U finally settle down with my family
I promise U will only be happier & happier with us :)

Shanghai another visit~

1st time visit this restaurant
Its reali full of chinese feels
As I walked on this street, I feel like I am living in China Empire moment
WO JIA aka My home~
What a name =.="
Vegetable as always
We don wanna get fat!
Pork Pork Pork~~
Always the best!!!
Weird looking noodle
Taste? Alright I guess, nothing special~
Another vegetable lolx.......
No way, never love their Mapo aka Sichuan style Tofu
Tried few times in China, totally different from Malaysia Mapo!
Tomato Fried Egg~
Salt & Pepper with Deep Fried Pork ~
4 hungry ghosts VS 5 dishes~

Daphne Key, my Leading Stewardess on this flight
Love her maximum!!
I think I reali look so round!!
Background is the beautiful Shanghai town

Jing An Temple
If U have the chance to visit Shanghai
Pay a visit to this place :)
Went to buy beers for a leisure nite in Shanghai
Totally in love with this Japan flavoured Beer
While they picked up Paulaner Beer
Has anyone tried tis before?
I don reali enjoy it, sorry~~
A left over pic
Tis is not Shanghai, it is Sarawak Kuching River nite view
Love the reflection of colourful lights :)

Pertaining to my parents' birthday celebration
"Happy Birthday" I did not say it out
I guess it would be VERY awkward to say it out though
Tis is the way I was brought up in tis family
Its my family culture & I am very sure they know I love them alot
Papa, Mama, I reali wish to take U guys to Pulau Ketam
U guys always love having seafood dinner there
I am just having a busy & tight schedule, unable to fulfill Ur wish
I promise, when I have days off on weekends, I will bring U guys there!
Lets ride the boat & throw foods into our stomach next time
I wanna confess, I love U two the best
Pls believe in me, I will do anything I could to turn our life better
Fingers crossed! I promise!
I Love U all :)

Watched The Last Airbender just now in Midvalley
I wonder Y I feel a little depressed now
Don get me wrong! I do think that movie is great!
I guess I am just tired of working recently
Barely get proper rest, See? I am even updating my blog at this hour!
I used to enjoy watching movie with someone special only
When I was single those days, I watched it with Elroy & Evon ONLY
When I was attached, definitely with my Love one
& Now that I am single, I would watch movie with someone
Someone who could be just a normal fren or someone I just got to know
Considered as a 1st date or perhaps just a meaningless meet up session
I remember how I would discuss bout the plot of the movie
The best part & the sucks part of the movie
Bout the movie just now? Ended with a lame closure
"How was the movie just now?"
"Oh, I think is great" ........ Silence........
"Where did U park Ur car?"
"Oh, its at downstair"
"Aaah, I see" ......... Another Silence.........
"Okie, see U next time, Bye~"
"Okie, take care, Bye~" ........ Total Silence.......
WTF is tat? this is not what I want!
I think I am damn lonely, I need someone to talk to
Someone who would hang out with me with a simple reason
Which would be.. He likes me :(
What a pointless thing to do to go out for a movie
With someone having an intention just to sleep with me
Am I that not likable?
All I wanted is just someone sincere & of course I must like him too
Tis person that I met today, I did not like him
Was merely to give a chance to meet up
& I do not wish to watch a movie alone..
Guess I was wrong, never ever hang out with someone like tis anymore
Its sickening, stay away from my sight!
I still believe, someone will appear in a right time, right place, right moment
& I will be with this someone happy ever after~
Fairy tale? I believe it!

Check my previous post
I suppose to talk bout those frens that I encountered before
Didnt have the time to do it at the moment
Soon, I will express tis to the world~
Another 3 days, I will be off for almost 3 days
Its time to get some rest.. Proper rest!
Been working like hell, totally exhausted
I have never encountered tis before
Usually after flight, I could still go online for few hours
Today? Back home, havent even take my bathe, I slept like a dead body
I wonder when my body will collapse if tis situation persists

Time to go buddies~
Blog again some other time~
Have fun there while U R still alive~



  1. totally agree with you, we msut enjoy our life while we are still alive!! :)

    WisH u Enjoy ur Coming offdays.!!

  2. Hey hope we can meet soon during your vacation this time... thats only if u want to meet me, no compulsion... :)

  3. haha.. im actually attracted with d 'many silence' after movie.. humans have various characteristics.. most important thing is whether he likes u or not.. guess u r some1 who always living with full of love.. and u hv high expectation on love.. its good but at the same time.. it will giv more pressure.. ;)

  4. life is a journey in the kingdom of many faces. choose the one u want to see. :) live happily

  5. that's Georgina!! She does look skinny.. feed her more frequently ya.. haha~

    Stay happy and healthy as well.. ^^

  6. Ur dad is so young... I think where is the restaurant... they are quite popular with their pork knuckle, am I rite?

    Anyway, let's work together to look for our suitable and of coz good one...