Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Back from Hong Kong just now at 1am

Went to Hong Kong for a short vacation
Just like last year, a 3 days 2 nites short trip
Some people might say.. Isn't it too short?
I say.. It is perfect if U could make full use of time

Believe it or not
I captured this with my very own camera
Its awesome & pls say YES!!
Standing on The Victoria Peak, we were totally amazed

It reminds me..
Whenever U R feeling down, stand up on the hill
Look down, everything seems tiny & that includes whatever obstacles
Hong Kong, the pearl of East

& Nothing is greater than spending time with your bestie
Oh man.. I am with white wine again at this hour
Elroy & Evon, I reali reali Love you two!

Back to reality
Unpacked & packed all over again to Bkt Jalil
Flight going to Dubai 2nite, pick up at 2100hrs
I do not have any mood to work AT ALL
All that I'm thinking.. Its such a precious moment we all had together

I remember the CRACK we had in Mong Kok McD
Though I was mad but I loved you two too much
Within minutes, every grudge fades like a breeze
Its precious, the beauty of friendship
& I don't miss Hong Kong
I miss the moment we spent time together
Squeezed on a tiny bed (The bed was reali tiny!!)

Farewell HK, though I would see U next month on duty
6 days in Dubai is killing me.. Someone has to work anyway
Will see you two when I see you~~

下一站天后 (粤语)
下一站天后 (普通话)
Next station Tin Hau
I had another great moment this time
Time to bed
Muackz!! Gd Nite~~~ Everyone


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Here I am in Seoul

Though I am drinking White Wine
I am sure I am still sober to finish this post
This post has no picture to show
I address this to my beloved bestie Elroy
& of course it has nothing to do with others
Unless U R sincere enough to read my post
Unlike those who drop by just to view pictures

To my beloved bestie Elroy,
U R the one who carries the less worries in life among 3 of us
For U have a better financial background
& less dramatic in Ur life
If I were to ask, what's your biggest failure & the hardest obstacle
I am pretty sure U can never beat 2 of Us

It is not the 1st time Ur relationship pulls the warning siren
We have been listening to Ur tiny little problems with M
I must say I am the one bad
I do not want U to get hurt
I wish U could pause this relationship & move on
For M is such a shallow minded person
Who owns a great ability in everything
But foolish enough not to utilize those ability appropriately
I always believe there R these kind of dumb ass
Who knows so well in many things
& yet living in life as a stupid failure

Oh well, as a fren, who can reali tolerate an ass hole flirted with others?
While U were squeezing Ur father's hard earning money
To support U studying in Birmingham
Spent almost 100k in UK?
Unfaithful or loneliness is the cause, I do not wish to comment further

U know tis ass hole well
M could be just another player
Wat is so called " I lied to U cuz I do not want to hurt U?"
Was M being conscience
Or it is just a trick like Evon said
M is purposely doing all these just to get rid of U
I cant be sure but I don wanna see U cry

I asked if U were checking Ur cell phone often
I have been thru this kind of situation
A person leaves U hanging there without an answer
Curiosity, doubt, anxiousness or anything could attack U at once
The irregular heart beats leave U feeling so bad inside
U wanted to go but U want a definite answer to do so
U wanted to stay but current situation seems inappropriate
Hanging there like a tickling bomb
In a nut shell

Anyhow my dear
I can see it so clear bout Ur decision
U R willing to forgive again
U R willing to sacrifice for this 6 years relationship
Ask ourselves, how many of us could retain a 6 years relationship
I hate what did M do to U
At the same time, I wan U to be happy
Nothing soothes me better to see my bestie happy

Lets not talk bout what is right or wrong
In this world itself, its totally lack of so called justice
So long U R happy, I'm happy even if U go on with M
I am pretty sure Evon wants nothing but to see U happy too

Genuine advise
A liar will always be a liar
It depends on how much we can tolerate
Worst comes to worst, U could just join me as a single lad
Someone who is haunted by a person U trusted
But choose to betray U without Ur notice

Alcohol has attacked my mind
I cant reali express right now
Nevertheless, I wish U luck my dear
It will be never too late to discover the beauty to be single

I Love U
& I do not want to see u getting hurt over & over again
A super big hug if U don mind :)


Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Cut it Brief, Make it Short

I love spicy foods
Perhaps I wish my life can be that spiced up
The truth is, my recent life has been kinda dull

Hanged out with bestie yesterday
Had a reali great time with them again my dear Elroy & Evon
Thinking of Evon got her very 1st DSLR
I have an urge to take up my SO THE NORMAL Sony Camera
Feeling strong to take few snaps of myself

1st time edited it to Black & White
& my eyes seem bigger lolx..
Yea I know I have such a pair of china eyes!!

I think whoever knows me in person
See me taking all this pic sure will laugh at me a big time
I don usually do close shot though

Love the reflection of my body lolx..
*Touch my Body~*
Aaahh I am so desperate!

Hey Evon,
I am totally jealous of U!!
How I wish I would have a BF like Urs!
That sweet & caring, I'm glad that he treats U well
& Elroy,
A super easy-changing guy,
At time criticize, another time worshiping,
Its been on going for like 6 years already!
I am so jealous of U too, able to hold on to a relationship for so long

The thing is..
When is my turn? Sob Sob.. with tears*

Could it be I have reached the stage where I am so comfortable with myself?
I love my job though sometimes dramas could be devastating
I love my little Kancil so long it still can move
I love my every little thing & that include my little tummy (little ke?)
Ask me out for a drink? I am too lazy to entertain
Date me for a movie? I have something else to do
Lets go out to have a scrumptious dinner? Nah.. I just wan to sleep
Strangest thing, if the person who's asking were Elroy or Evon
I'm totally in! Anything with both of U
Mayb I have fallen in love with both of them (NO WAY!!)

The truth is, I seem to distance myself from others nowadays
I miss the feeling of love so I tried going out for dates
In the end, I shut myself away
I am fear of getting hurt again
& I kinda do not believe someone can be that loyal
Love always start with a Smile
Grow with Kisses
& End with Tears, No?
Or mayb my type of guy is exotic? Perhaps all buried underground
I am just crapping, don mind me
Well lets see is there anyone could conquer me again
I am not tame at all, need some disciplines
Its alright to maintain as a single lad
At least I have time for my family & frens

Nowadays, quite a huge number of People Like Us going to gym
It seems like if U wanna attract more flies
A fit body counts even if it is just ONS (One Night Stand)
So we shall see almost every gym center fills with gays
It is not just a place for gym, is a place for flirting too
If I were to go to gym, I will end up to be a dwarf
For I am so short with heavy muscle built up
Definitely the mother of gravity will pull my height down LOLX
I better just stay the way I am
Soft flesh with no muscle~~

This is how exactly I look with such a short hair
Without a cap, my face is like a big balloon!!

I guess I'm okie with my life
I'll just go to work like never ending
Back from work enjoy my minimum day off
Spider web myself in my room
Enjoy outing with Elroy & Evon
Until a day, someone charms away my heart
But at this moment, pls pray for me that
Elroy & Evon will not abandon me :P

I have no interest to take whatever pictures around me lately
That's Y I cant reali update my blog
I mean, most of the viewers who drop by
They keen to see only my pictures but not whatever I write!
Alright, I'll roll my camera again & back to a non professional photographer then :P

Going back to Bkt Jalil soon
Lets enjoy working for this 4 days
Coming up event is a Wedding Dinner on 19th
Should have lots of pic to show~
Till then~ Cya~


Monday, September 6, 2010

I am back~ So Long~~

Shall I apologise for not updating my blog for a long time?
Sorry Sorry~~ I have not much pictures to show this time
Have been working + working that's it
Met someone & hopes turn into ashes
Encountered ass hole supervisor & got whack maximum!
Lets review my pictures~

I forgot this stewardess's name
The one on right is a Bollywood crew

And I am glad that I look so small in size haha!!
And I get that alot
"Oh? U R a steward? So short can be steward ah?"
Tat's it!!!
The above picture shown is my housemate Wayne
We were packing stuff for my another housemate Ivy
She admitted to KL Government Hospital due to denggue
Sad case though, her flight to Osaka was removed bcuz of tis!

Just call me crazy, I cant stop taking pictures
Moreover, its not like everyday I'll go to hospital right?
*Touch Wood*
Yea ugly hospital

These R the stuff
To be a girl aint easy
Except shirt & skirt & undergarment
U have Bra too~~ haha!
Ivy.. Y is ur bra not sexy at all?!!
haha!!! Love playing with bra!
Seriously, when we were there
Almost everyone looking at us
For there were many Indians
Chinese seldom stay in Government Hospital
Her baby hand becomes so fat!!
Its due to the dripping of minerals
Poor her..
I wish this will never happen again in her life
And there was a day I spent a nite in Penang
The view from my room, I could see the beach
I was too exhausted or else I would have sun bathe myself

Church alike KFC
Just in front of this hotel
At the back, here it lies A Little Shanghai
The very not humble owner
He claims himself can cook The Famous Penang Char Keow Teow
Taste great of course!!
I purposely requested Extra Spicy~~
With lots of desserts

I love Penang foods!!
A day hang out with Colleen & Wayne to midvalley
Saw MH fair
Need to pay entrance fee MYR 3.00

Always love to smoke in staircase
Best thing to do :P
See? My Life is reali simple
Regular & yet full of drama~~ haha!

Incident I - Do U love Kissing?
I might be a whore or a slut
But I do not simply kiss someone
Rewind back, I had french kiss with my 1st ex
Not more than 5 times in 1 year 7 months relationship
I thought I have to improve & yes I did
Not more than 10 times with my 2nd ex in 7 months relationship
What type of kissing is the most precious to U?
I would say to kiss on Forehead, tat shows an absolute care & love
And now, do U kiss around during clubbing?
Don tell me that U was a little drunk
Don tell me one must be open minded & kissing means nothing
Don even tell me to be able to kiss around is a gifted talent
Kissing is sweet, but meaningless kissing kills Ur charm

Incident II - Misbehave & Professionalism
Encoutered at least 2 ass holes recently
Perhaps I always assume human kind should be KIND
Y R U even working? To earn a living, no?
So I always tell myself, no one will be that free to find fault
We R just here to work, after work byebye that's it
I am so wrong, there R reali some ass holes love back stabbing ppl
I was badly scolded, dare he scolded me "A Whore & A Slut"
WTF!! And I was there standing, listening to his doggie barks
What a mad dog barking, I told myself
U cant possibly do anything else except scolding me
Its humiliating but what else I could do?
So swallow it & let go~ He's just a mad dog, remember? lolx
A senior listening to my complains
She appeared to be so cool & she said
"Do U think he is right? If not, just don be like him in future,
U don like him, U don have to fight with him, just don be like him"
Mama got me some flowers for my bathe
Chinese says it brings good luck~

This news appeared in Sin Chew not long ago
Its bout my hometown! Malim Nawar
Yea, true true, almost 60% of us carrying a surname Chai
Huhu~ So proud of my hometown~~
Lets pay a visit to my hometown one day
U R gonna love tis lovely village :)

Single is fun, free & can be kinda Furious sometimes!!
When will I meet someone who is willing to share my feeling
Someone who is willing to devote his care & love to me
Someone who would kiss me on my forehead
Someone who is gonna stand by for me whenever I need
Someone who would give me his shoulder when I cry
Its gonna be a beautiful love story, I knew it!
To be able to make a love comes true, I must do my part too
Ask Evon & Elroy, I am definitely one of the best lover :P

Gonna work 6 days ahead
Lets tune back to working mode
Enjoy life as always as I do~