Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Back from Hong Kong just now at 1am

Went to Hong Kong for a short vacation
Just like last year, a 3 days 2 nites short trip
Some people might say.. Isn't it too short?
I say.. It is perfect if U could make full use of time

Believe it or not
I captured this with my very own camera
Its awesome & pls say YES!!
Standing on The Victoria Peak, we were totally amazed

It reminds me..
Whenever U R feeling down, stand up on the hill
Look down, everything seems tiny & that includes whatever obstacles
Hong Kong, the pearl of East

& Nothing is greater than spending time with your bestie
Oh man.. I am with white wine again at this hour
Elroy & Evon, I reali reali Love you two!

Back to reality
Unpacked & packed all over again to Bkt Jalil
Flight going to Dubai 2nite, pick up at 2100hrs
I do not have any mood to work AT ALL
All that I'm thinking.. Its such a precious moment we all had together

I remember the CRACK we had in Mong Kok McD
Though I was mad but I loved you two too much
Within minutes, every grudge fades like a breeze
Its precious, the beauty of friendship
& I don't miss Hong Kong
I miss the moment we spent time together
Squeezed on a tiny bed (The bed was reali tiny!!)

Farewell HK, though I would see U next month on duty
6 days in Dubai is killing me.. Someone has to work anyway
Will see you two when I see you~~

下一站天后 (粤语)
下一站天后 (普通话)
Next station Tin Hau
I had another great moment this time
Time to bed
Muackz!! Gd Nite~~~ Everyone



  1. Bro, ur pick up point is always Bukit Jalil ar? I saw other crews but not you wan :)

  2. Hi...i feel interesting wif a flight attendant life :), nice to meet u... i hope i can be a flight attendant too... but i think tat wont happen on me.

  3. i can tell that u're having such a wonderful trip with your bestie, Elroy and Evon.
    it must be cruel as u've to continue your working life, 6 days in Dubai.. oh gosh~
    no pork le.. haha~

    take care ya... ^^

    p/s: that pic is awesome!!

  4. life is short.. (shorter while we keep on smoking.. opsss)..haha.. anyway.. good to c u r enjoying ur holiday :).. tot being a steward.. every working day is holiday.. haha..