Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Cut it Brief, Make it Short

I love spicy foods
Perhaps I wish my life can be that spiced up
The truth is, my recent life has been kinda dull

Hanged out with bestie yesterday
Had a reali great time with them again my dear Elroy & Evon
Thinking of Evon got her very 1st DSLR
I have an urge to take up my SO THE NORMAL Sony Camera
Feeling strong to take few snaps of myself

1st time edited it to Black & White
& my eyes seem bigger lolx..
Yea I know I have such a pair of china eyes!!

I think whoever knows me in person
See me taking all this pic sure will laugh at me a big time
I don usually do close shot though

Love the reflection of my body lolx..
*Touch my Body~*
Aaahh I am so desperate!

Hey Evon,
I am totally jealous of U!!
How I wish I would have a BF like Urs!
That sweet & caring, I'm glad that he treats U well
& Elroy,
A super easy-changing guy,
At time criticize, another time worshiping,
Its been on going for like 6 years already!
I am so jealous of U too, able to hold on to a relationship for so long

The thing is..
When is my turn? Sob Sob.. with tears*

Could it be I have reached the stage where I am so comfortable with myself?
I love my job though sometimes dramas could be devastating
I love my little Kancil so long it still can move
I love my every little thing & that include my little tummy (little ke?)
Ask me out for a drink? I am too lazy to entertain
Date me for a movie? I have something else to do
Lets go out to have a scrumptious dinner? Nah.. I just wan to sleep
Strangest thing, if the person who's asking were Elroy or Evon
I'm totally in! Anything with both of U
Mayb I have fallen in love with both of them (NO WAY!!)

The truth is, I seem to distance myself from others nowadays
I miss the feeling of love so I tried going out for dates
In the end, I shut myself away
I am fear of getting hurt again
& I kinda do not believe someone can be that loyal
Love always start with a Smile
Grow with Kisses
& End with Tears, No?
Or mayb my type of guy is exotic? Perhaps all buried underground
I am just crapping, don mind me
Well lets see is there anyone could conquer me again
I am not tame at all, need some disciplines
Its alright to maintain as a single lad
At least I have time for my family & frens

Nowadays, quite a huge number of People Like Us going to gym
It seems like if U wanna attract more flies
A fit body counts even if it is just ONS (One Night Stand)
So we shall see almost every gym center fills with gays
It is not just a place for gym, is a place for flirting too
If I were to go to gym, I will end up to be a dwarf
For I am so short with heavy muscle built up
Definitely the mother of gravity will pull my height down LOLX
I better just stay the way I am
Soft flesh with no muscle~~

This is how exactly I look with such a short hair
Without a cap, my face is like a big balloon!!

I guess I'm okie with my life
I'll just go to work like never ending
Back from work enjoy my minimum day off
Spider web myself in my room
Enjoy outing with Elroy & Evon
Until a day, someone charms away my heart
But at this moment, pls pray for me that
Elroy & Evon will not abandon me :P

I have no interest to take whatever pictures around me lately
That's Y I cant reali update my blog
I mean, most of the viewers who drop by
They keen to see only my pictures but not whatever I write!
Alright, I'll roll my camera again & back to a non professional photographer then :P

Going back to Bkt Jalil soon
Lets enjoy working for this 4 days
Coming up event is a Wedding Dinner on 19th
Should have lots of pic to show~
Till then~ Cya~



  1. You crazy fella! You will meet someone who know how to treat you well very very soon, i will include this as one of the three birthday wishes i can make this year alright? XD

    Love you forever!

  2. hahaha! It seem like he is really desperate to find a boyfriend.

  3. your life is not that dull as u think.. u still have your best friends, Elroy and Evon, accompany u whenever u free, right?

    moreover, life is short.. do enjoying your life in every single minutes.
    Mix fm's tagline, "You should remember to smile!!"
    put a smile on your face, every day, and i'm sure the day will be different though. ^^

    open your heart to others by allowing them to enter your very world. don't let the past leads your whole life onwards, Crason.

    it's true indeed that, to get a loyal and sincere guy in relationship, in PLU's world, not an easy task. why? because there's nothing to bear, or i should say, guys won't pregnant.. haha~

    yet, the PLU's world is not that gloomy though.. at least u yourself will be always sincere in a relationship, then believe it that, there's surely a guy who is same characters as u..

    go swimming instead of gym, it's a nice sports during freetime. ^^

    last but not least, god bless u and cheers~

  4. Loves come with hapiness and end with tears
    Dont need to rush in searching for a relationship
    Enjoy your wonderful life with the ppl u love
    Your life will be more perfect while the love arrived at the right moment

    May ALL Evon's birthday wishes come true...^^

  5. Easy to find some one to fall in love, but u should remember tat not easy to find some one are really understand u...fall in love is a great moment but some time it also need to match with the person are really u love and really understand u..add oil crason....

  6. Haha.. Crason.. I love the way u write ur posts in this blog... I can feel u.. i feel connected.. keep it up :) if u r my bf.. I giv u my honda civic and I take ur kancil.. haha..